A celebration of a Successful Engineering Digital Transformation – 19 Years of TRUGlobal!

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Our company celebrated its 19th anniversary, and it was time to party hard! This week, we hosted a huge event for all of our employees to come together and celebrate this milestone at Clarks Exotica. From mesmerizing cultural programs to exciting entertainment, there was something for everyone at this year’s event.

The event was kicked off with a walkathon. Employees were encouraged to get up and get moving, with a 3-mile walk. It was a great opportunity for everyone to bond and get some exercise in at the same time.

For the sports enthusiasts, we had a cricket and table tennis tournament, where employees could compete against each other in a friendly competition. It was great to see our team bonding over their shared love of sports.

One of the highlights of the event was the cultural programs. We had a variety of different groups performing traditional dances and music. It was a truly mesmerizing experience to see these talented performers showcasing their cultures and talents, and reinforcing the diversity at TRUGlobal.

Another exciting event that took place was the fashion show. Our employees got all dressed up in their finest attire and walked the runway in front of the entire company. It was a glittering event that truly showcased the “unofficial” classy style of our team.

Of course, no anniversary event would be complete without some entertainment, and we did not disappoint. We had a variety of different acts taking the stage, from stand-up acts to shadow puppetry (magic hand show), to keep everyone entertained throughout the night.

In addition to the main events, we had a variety of other events taking place throughout the day. One of these was a freestyle dance by the team from Bangalore, which was truly mesmerizing. The Pune team also had a lazy dance that was a lot of fun to watch. We also had professional dance performances by the Kaladaare team, which were truly breathtaking. The team put on an amazing show that left everyone in awe.

We also had the pleasure of having RJ Rubina from Red FM 93.5 Bangalore as our host for the evening. She kept the crowd entertained with her wit and charm.

The highlight of the event was the award ceremony for all of the event participants, who won and the rewards and recognition ceremony, which recognized the hard work and dedication of our employees throughout the year. It was a truly moving event that brought everyone together in a celebration of our company and our team.

After all the events, we all gathered for dinner, where we were treated to a delicious poolside meal and had the opportunity to catch up with our coworkers and reflect on the amazing event we had just experienced.

Overall, our company’s 19th Anniversary event was a truly unforgettable experience for all who attended. It was a celebration of our team, our company, and our shared success, and we look forward to many more years to come!

TRUGlobal’s values shape its culture, always encouraging to development and delivery of disruptive innovations, as well as defining relationships with clients, employees, and the community as a whole. They solve client business challenges through industry knowledge and thought leadership enabled by end-to-end solution architecture through Digital Transformation.

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