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Earlier, organizations and IT specialists used business intelligence technologies to develop a detailed picture of a business and its current state. Today, this functionality is not enough. Modern business intelligence systems not only help make informed decisions, educated guesses, and develop strategies – every day they support critical choices made by the people running your company. And to truly integrate this data intelligence into your operational processes, you need a system that supports your existing workflow and delivers the right solutions to the right people at the right time.

Our expert team, after studying your IT and business infrastructures, will map the requirements for future BI and advanced analytics solutions. This includes needed reports, KPIs, alerts, and integrations required by user groups and their special use cases. In less complex instances, we will suggest a ready-made solution from a third-party vendor, helping you integrate that solution into your workflow. In case you’re looking to modernize your existing BI solution or build a fully custom one, we can start by providing data mining services. We will prepare, cleanse, and model data to design a data warehouse (DWH) architecture. When the DWH is ready, we will test, implement, and embed the product’s functionality into other systems. Ultimately, the product, enabled with historical and real-time data, will present you with visualization tools, reports, collaboration opportunities, email integrations, and alerts – all customized for your operational processes and industry specifics.

Business Intelligence Solution – Implementation Process

Many organizations need modernization to the existing DWH solutions and TRUGlobal help in

Gather requirements: At the very beginning of the project, our team will gather requirements from business departments, and determine specific project approaches, solutions, and Business Intelligence technology that will fit your organization best. After a joint workshop, we will define how we will help you to solve existing problems and improve your business performance by using Business Intelligence tools and analytics technology deployment.

Collect and integrate data from various data sources: After defining a business goal, our team will collect and integrate data from various sources (i.e. ERP, transactional databases, file systems, flat files, Excel) into one master database called data warehouse or big data file systems so you will be easily able to access and manipulate different types of information from one place.

Transform, clean, and prepare data: Collected and integrated data is transformed during the loading process into a database system (ETL), then prepared for exploration, ad-hoc analysis, and modeling. We implement highly scalable data processing scripts to aggregate, clean, and transform data into an appropriate format. After it, business users can analyze data, create ad-hoc SQL queries, and be self-sufficient by using modern Business Intelligence tools.

Explore data and get insights: Together with business users, defined problems are solved through conclusions from the data exploration process using data mining techniques and Business Intelligence tools. Developed OLAP or Tabular solution will organize and help you to discover patterns in data. BI tools go beyond knowing what and when it happened – they can predict with the highest probability why it happened.

Data visualization and reporting: We create rich, visualized Business Intelligence dashboards and reports that facilitate sharing the most important information, and KPIs inside or outside your organization. You will reduce user interactions and save time while the business intelligence system will do everything for you. It helps enterprises to make the right business decisions at the right time, and let you manage organizations consciously while improving performance KPIs.

Business Intelligence Services

We have expertise in leading business analytics tools and technologies like Pentaho, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and open-source business intelligence tools.

BI Analytics: Discover the potential of data with the help of smart, comprehensive, and advanced BI analytics through on-premise and cloud-based reporting software.

Data Warehousing: Integrate multiple data sources to perform analytical reporting, structured queries, and batch analytics.

Data Modeling: Build physical and logical models to simplify complex data environments along with customized data flows for custom reporting.

Custom Visualization: Create custom visuals tailored to your business and information structure to make more apt decisions.

ETL/ELT (Extract, Transform, Load): Design and implement custom Extract, Transform, Load (ETL/ELT) solutions for all your business intelligence and data integration needs.

Predictive Analytics: Leverage the power of predictive analytics to take a better look at upcoming trends, and loopholes, and reduce risk by taking proactive actions based on analytics.

BI Architect: Our business intelligence architects create specific data models and manage data warehouses and data resources to aggregate data effectively.

Dashboarding: Manage your information in a visually-appealing way to monitor and analyze data with key performance indicators (KPI).

Cloud BI: Maximize performance and minimize cost by adopting cloud business intelligence solutions that are easily accessible and scalable.

Cloud BI Migration: Rethink your data strategies by migrating from legacy BI to cloud BI for better accessibility, flexibility, and scalability.

Self-Service BI: Our self-service BI plugins empower business users to access and analyze data without requiring any background in BI or analysis.

Our Tools Experience


SSIS, ODI & ODICS, Informatica, Oracle Warehouse Builder, DataStage, Talend, Custom ETL development


SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Teradata, Hadoop/Hive

BI, Reporting, Analytics:

SSAS, SSRS, SAS, MicroStrategy, OBIEE, Cognos, Crystal reports & BO

Self-Service BI:

QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau, OACS, PowerBI, Qlik, Looker


Azure data factory, Synapse analytics and Databricks

Data Warehouse:


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