Collecting data is not enough. You need to unearth valuable insights about your processes through the data and turn them into actions.

As the data sources increase with the use of sensors, devices, social media, and other channels, the biggest growth comes in terms of disparate information, the size and scale of which can be classified as Big Data. Our data experts understand the four Vs of big data: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity. With our AI-driven big data analytics, you will get real-time insights into your business processes.

TRUGlobal provides enterprise strategy for delta lake and warehouse implementation solutions for building analytics infrastructure for identifying key data, and how to secure and govern it with the right management and visualization platforms, tools, and processes.

Analytics Services offering includes the identification of business-relevant analytical tools and breaking database silos and gaining actionable insights.

Traditional ETLs, Databases, and statistical models couldn’t handle the volumes. Along with volume, there is an increasing need for analytics on a variety of data, real-time data, and quality of data. This triggered the need for Big Data platforms and Data Engineering for Big Data.

TRUGlobal provides enterprise strategy and consulting for building analytical capabilities that can support engineering with technology and vendor-agnostic as possible. TRUGlobal provides implementation on Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Private Cloud.

Our Various Big Data Services Include:

Many organizations need modernization to the existing DWH solutions and TRUGlobal help in

Big Data Strategy Consulting:

As one of the leading Big Data Service Providers, TRUGlobal assists clients in defining their big data strategy and selecting the appropriate technology tools and processes to achieve their strategic objectives. With our Big Data Analytics solutions, we offer vendor-neutral recommendations that are tailored to customers’ current technology landscape, preferences, and objectives. We enable enterprises to establish a well-defined modern architecture, which yields greater efficiency in their day-to-day processes. Our expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, MPP databases, cloud storage systems, and other emerging technologies help organizations harness the power of big data to improve business outcomes. Our Big Data Strategic Consulting Services include

  • Big Data Strategy Definition
  • Business Use Case Identification and Definition
  • Data Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Technology Identification
  • Architecture Recommendation

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Support:

One of the key components of a Big Data implementation is the technology infrastructure that is deployed. As one of the leading Big Data Service providers, we advise customers on the most appropriate infrastructure model while ensuring the smooth deployment of Big Data technologies. Our Big Data Analytics Solutions specialists simplify the integration and installation of big data infrastructure by eliminating the intricacies of writing and maintaining complex Apache Hadoop code. We provide frameworks and accelerators for custom data connectors while enabling data flow between Hadoop and other file formats, database systems, and packaged enterprise applications. Our services in the Big Data Infrastructure space include:

  • Installation and Integration of Hadoop Clusters
  • Configuring Hadoop Clusters for optimum performance
  • Monitoring of Hadoop Clusters

Big Data Development Maintenance & Support:

As frontrunners among Big Data service providers, we exhibit proven capabilities in successfully handling the entire lifecycle of Big Data implementation – deployment, development, maintenance, and support. Our Big Data Strategy Consulting experts have not only worked on key technologies and tools which are leading the Big Data ecosystem but have also developed frameworks and solutions that address all the functional components including Data Provisioning, Data Management, and Data Consumption. Our Big Data Analytics services include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Big Data Application Integration Services
  • Integration with existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Sources
  • Migration Services

Big Data Analytics & Insights Services:

The ultimate goal for companies deploying Big Data technology is to sift through large volumes of data and utilize analytics & insights to make better business decisions and identify actionable steps. We have expertise and experience working with various data visualization and analytics tools like QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau, SAS, R, IBM Cognos, Azure ML, and more, which sets us apart from other Big Data Service Providers. Our capabilities in the Big Data Analytics Solutions space include

  • Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning/Data Mining
  • Data Modelling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Analytics Optimization
  • Data Visualization Solutions

Big Data Tools & Technologies include:

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