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Digital transformation can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to security. And a multifaceted and fragmented technological landscape increases the challenge of keeping your data, intellectual property and brand image – your most valuable assets – safe.

TRUGlobal support you to manage risks across the digital life-cycle. The strong defense line requires 

  • TACKLE THE THREATS: Everything valuable must be protected while ensuring availability to the organization and third parties as defined by you. Any downtime could have a direct impact on revenue and a negative effect on your brand image. Detection and reaction to threats in real-time is as essential to your organization as your managed security infrastructure.
  • Evaluate your options and your choices: Your growing cloud applications and data must be as secure as your on-premise equipment. The diversity of technologies within your infrastructure, from mobile to broadband, makes it hard to ensure the appropriate levels of security. It’s essential to protect your activities from Internet attacks and your internal network at the perimeter. Being tied to any one particular vendor or technology can be hazardous in the fast-paced environment of security.

Never forget the human factor: Security solutions should be user friendly with no impact on anyone’s productivity. They should be easy to manage for your IT security teams and provide secure access to your corporate resources and cloud applications. Your mobile fleet needs protection from the many emerging forms of attack that only an advanced detection mobile solution can provide.

Our Services include:

Cybersecurity support as a service:

Enterprises today are facing the challenges of the growing cybersecurity skills shortage, need to establish always ON security operations (24x7x365) and do more with less. While many enterprises are focusing on using tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve these problems, having the right set of skills, capacity and coverage is essential to reap maximum benefits from these next-gen tools and technology.

Governance, Risk and Compliance:

Cyber defense is not about just having latest technology. Having a pragmatic approach to cyber defense is a key to ensure you have a full visibility of your security program, your compliance to mandatory obligations, and taking a risk-based approach to spending your security budget.

Cloud Security:

Cloud is the new normal, however, most organizations find their security program lacking to protect security on Cloud. TRUGlobal Cloud security services helps you to transform and extend your security program to protect your cloud based assets, while approaching it from key perspectives – identity security opportunity, workload protection areas, data security strategy and leadership reporting.

Application Security and DevSecOps:

Applications provide digital access to enterprise resources. Our Application Security and DevSecOps offering provide end to end security of CI/CD pipeline. From securing your Infrastructure as code to automated application testing, intelligent vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

Identity and Access Management (IAM):

Utilizing the power of AI and ML, our IAM service provides role-based access control, identity consolidation and centralization, protecting the systems against identity breaches and phishing attacks. It strengthens Identity perimeter and transforms Identity security as a first line of defense.

Data Security:

Tightening data protection & privacy requirements are a major focus area of regulators and organizations. Breach or loss of business-critical data could do un-reversible damage to viability of the organization. TRUGlobal Data Security services offer data leakage protection, encryption, masking and tokenization to protect data at rest and in motion, on-premise, cloud and mobile.

Infrastructure Security:

With the goal of protect the core, TRUGlobal helps you establish security for the core technology stack of your organization covering endpoint, networks and protection against vulnerabilities.

Advanced Triage:

Optional advanced triage services take the distractions away so your team can focus on fixing prioritized vulnerabilities, accelerating code fixes, and minimizing the window of opportunity for malicious attacks. It covers your broad array of assets, can engage with your teams across multiple channels, have a fast 24-hour SLA, and more.

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