Are you exposing applications enterprise-wide before testing for vulnerabilities?

Accelerate the maturity of your application security program with threat modeling, software development life cycle design, penetration testing, eLearning, and many more.

Our application security assessment services are designed to help your development and technical team identify, understand risks, and threats to the application and take remedial action against critical and non-critical vulnerabilities. The goal is to transform the application security process into an ongoing security governance-managed process.

TRUGlobal assists clients in improving the security of the software they develop or outsource. Our services help enterprises and product companies to improve security during project design, implementation, testing, and once the software is released or running in a production environment. Our recommendations help development teams understand the business and security implications of choices made when designing and developing a product or service.

Our list of services includes:

Application and Product Penetration Testing

  • Identification of security weaknesses through penetration testing with or without code review
  • Demonstration of weaknesses as needed to validate findings
  • Simplified architecture review and threat modeling
  • Characterization of the impact of a successful attack
  • Recommend solutions for addressing weaknesses
  • The application, protocol, or implementation’s security posture is reported
  • Upon request, a public-facing document explaining the test methodology and results can be provided

Application Security Design Review/Threat Modeling

  • Enumerate and document a system’s security design/architecture through interviews with development/engineering team personnel, documentation review, and limited source code analysis (if available)
  • Perform threat modeling to overlay the design with assets, interfaces, threats, attack vectors, and controls. Document potential vulnerabilities and prioritize by risk.
  • Identify gaps relative to recognized secure design patterns (including authentication, authorization, and security event logging & response)
  • Enumerate conflicts between business requirements and security considerations so informed trade-offs are made
  • Recommend solutions for addressing security weaknesses & vulnerabilities
  • Enhance and inform other security activities like penetration testing and code review
  • Adaptable to systems/applications undergoing design, before implementation, or in production

Application Code Review

  • Examine sensitive areas of software code for potential security vulnerabilities
  • Identify common security flaws, including race conditions, overflows, character set conversion problems, logical errors, bad assumptions, key management flaws, and cryptographic mistakes
  • Recommend specific fixes and general coding practice improvements
  • Lead groups of developers through code security review exercises to enhance competency to self-audit code

Dynamic/Static Application Security Testing (DAST/SAST)

  • Fully managed, automated service enables you to assess, track and remediate common application vulnerabilities continually, to complement regular manual penetration testing and provide identification of common vulnerabilities on a more frequent basis
  • Best-in-class DAST and SAST tools provided via managed cloud service, leveraging existing licenses if available
  • Customer portal with reporting repository, risk dashboard, and online scheduling
  • Part of our suite of cloud-based vulnerability discovery and management capabilities

Security in Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) Program Consulting

  • SSDLC Program Evaluation & Gap Analysis
  • SSDLC multi-year roadmap development
  • Toolchain evaluation/selection and consulting
  • Interim/temporary SSDLC program leadership & technical staffing

Application Fuzz Testing

  • Iterative, automated security testing using selectively mutated input to provide scalable, continuous, guided coverage of the target
  • Customized test harnesses targeting security-sensitive interfaces
  • Use of the latest intelligent fuzzing technologies to maximize code coverage and the likelihood of discovering vulnerabilities
  • Performance optimization, crash analysis and triage, ongoing maintenance, and test case evolution
  • Consulting and training on developing fuzzing competency

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