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Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have become increasingly complex and disruptive. Data breaches and even complete system shutdowns have been achieved by these formidable cyber foes, resulting in loss of revenue and damaged reputations.

IT Infrastructure Security is about protecting the technology tools used to run your business- whether it’s an Internet connection that allows you to send and receive critical email communication from your computer, or a more complex system with servers and software for maintaining and accessing critical business data. 

Technology infrastructure is under threat from several avenues:

  • External entities looking to exploit vulnerabilities in publicly-accessible services (email, websites, remote access, etc.)
  • External entities able to gain access internally due to lax Wifi security or tricking an employee for a password
  • Internal entities causing damage, either inadvertently or on purpose
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Failures due to aging hardware and software
  • Lack of backups, or incomplete/untested backups
  • Disasters, ranging from simple power outages to full infrastructure loss

Our Infrastructure Security Services have the components of:

Defensive Strategy:

We constantly apply our infrastructure security capabilities to find and address vulnerabilities before they impact your business and your customers. We support the quick mobilization of your workforce and the digitalization of your business by optimizing security tools and deploying next-generation defenses. 

Instant Response to Threats:

Our technology can monitor your servers, enabling you to spot abnormal behavior as soon as it appears. It thus eliminates the need for a scheduled scan and can quickly identify the threat and contain it before it moves laterally across your infrastructure.

Exposing Risk Through Visibility:

Identifying abnormal behavior and obtaining visibility into the number of smart devices connected to the infrastructure can reduce the risk of a cyberattack. We give you consolidated visibility across multiple networks to help your security teams respond swiftly.

Building Resilience Against attacks:

We provide you with a range of security services that guard your business software and hardware systems. By maintaining firewalls and monitoring network traffic, we help you maintain the continuity and compliance of your business.

Our Services Include:

Security Administration: 

We provide complete monitoring and management of Security Infrastructure to stay protected and be updated with a security posture.

  • Stay safe and protected always with the updated security posture
  • Enhanced standards, processes, and measures with guaranteed SLA
  • Lower the operational TCO and Improve ROI
  • Free up employees to work on higher-value work
  • Security Hardening
  • Centralized monitoring and support

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing: 

Our enterprise-grade automated scanning tools help assess potential vulnerabilities in your business network and identify potential attack points. Our penetration testing components can help identify weaknesses that might not be detectable with network or system scans.

  • Reduce enterprise risk and protect the business
  • Increase visibility over the environment
  • Meet compliance / regulatory requirements
  • Hands-on experience with security experts

Security Information Management (SIEM) Service: 

We offer cloud-based SIM and SEM services. These services use distributed sensors deployed onsite or at customers’ environments and collect event logs, process, correlate, and provide risk assessment along with incident response management.

  • Finds all devices and applications on your networks
  • Scans all devices and applications to find holes and weaknesses
  • Identifies anomalous behavior using network flow analysis, service availability monitoring, and deep packet inspection technologies
  • Detect and defend against active threats using wireless IDS, network IDS, and host-based IDS
  • Aggregate and correlate disparate event log and asset data to gain critical insight into your security and compliance posture

Security Operations Center (SOC) Service: 

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service is the most solid and comprehensive approach to security operations for businesses. We provide Cloud-based SOC covering threat detection, protection, and automated response to our customers. Optimize the current security program by achieving a particular security standard or installing a SOC program from the ground up.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Reduced Response time and Efficient Action
  • Real-time alerts and rapid response with 24×7 continuous monitoring
  • Reduces TCO

Security Advisory Services:

We provide an advisory-first approach to reduce risk and define and implement strategies to make security an enabler of change. We provide security advisory services right from assessing your current security posture to securing your endpoints.

  • Achieve maturity in the enterprise’s cyber-resilience program to improve TCO
  • Access to multi-skilled resources who are experts to deal with security, crisis, etc.
  • Enable early view and faster issue resolution
  • Protect and realize business value and revenue growth while at a safe and secured

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