Data Warehouse is the backbone for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our Data Warehouse Services incorporate data warehouse migration services, data modeling and architecting, data integration, enterprise data management services, data governance, performance, and managed services.

We comprehend the complexity of data warehousing and ensure attention to minute detail is maintained by including discrete and essential components in the process.

TRUGlobal Provides data warehouse Services for Legacy Data Warehouse Modernization, Workload Modernization Automation Strategy, and Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization. 

Easily identify, analyze, and offload data from a traditional Data Warehouse to Apache Hadoop. Align IT to your business objectives with Scalable and Analytics enabled Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions. 

  • Data Warehouse Modernization on AWS, Azure, and On-Premises
  • Cloud Datawarehouse with Big Query and Snowflake
  • Data Warehouse Workload Migration
  • Big Data Warehouse Implementation

Data Warehouse Modernization:

Many organizations need modernization to the existing DWH solutions and TRUGlobal help in

Quickly create large data sets with little or no changes to the existing process

Add new analytics at a fraction of a cost unlike in traditional data warehousing solutions

Replace traditional ETL approach with with a modern self-service driven approach

Manage huge volumes of data at exabyte scale

Deliver faster analytics

Integrate with existing BI, ETL tools

Eliminate data silos

Big data and advanced analytics-ready data warehouse environment

Our Data Warehousing Services

Data Strategy: We formulate a data strategy that is aligned with the needs of both business and IT users. It ensures your data warehouse constantly keeps pace with and meets your business needs.

Architecture Design and Modeling: This helps charter a path to meet the needs of both business and IT users through the design and architecture of your data warehouse. This ensures that your data warehouse constantly keeps pace with and meets your business needs.

End-To-End Implementation: Our practitioners have the expertise in implementing purpose-built data marts, enterprise data warehouses, or federated data warehouses that serve as a solid foundation for your business needs.

Data Warehouse Optimization: We assess your existing data warehouse and suggest optimization strategies that are aligned with your business outcomes, support, and performance requirements.

Data Governance: encompasses data quality, data management, data policies, business and risk process management related to data management within an organization

Migration Services: An enterprise data warehouse is created that centralizes your data through data mart consolidation or migration from another platform. Our experts take into account your existing setup and suggest the most feasible strategy.

Managed Services: An optimum data warehouse environment is maintained by our practitioners through daily monitoring of tasks, and utilization of field-tested data warehouse processes and specialized tools.

Data Warehouse Support: Our engineers have rich expertise across data warehouse technologies and provide consultancy in architecture, designing & deployment-related queries. We ensure on-time resolution for any incident round the clock.

Fully Managed Data Warehouse Solutions on various platforms like AWS, Snowflake, Oracle, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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