Machine Learning

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Leverage data-rich services to solve complex business challenges with machine learning

Businesses today are able to collect massive volumes of information. In order to reap the value hidden in the gathered information, you need to enable Machines to analyze the Data Sets, make useful predictions, draw important patterns, learn and adjust iteratively to improve the predictions. Machine learning solutions offer ways, tools and algorithms, that drive the real business results having the potential to tremendously impact the future of your organization – Delivering Predictions with Great Accuracy and Speed.

TRUGlobal’s Machine Learning solutions enable you to join and lead the organizations that breathe Innovation – leveraging the true potential of the information and putting at work the best talents, tools, algorithms, and keen business acumen to deliver the results that speak for themselves.

At TRUGlobal, we utilize a comprehensive toolset backed up with the expertise of our team on various learning methods and algorithms – all tailored to deliver accurate, fast and business-oriented outcomes.

Our Machine Learning Services

Predictive Analysis

We design, build, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models to identify underlying patterns.

Data Engineering

Prepare your data to make the most of AI algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

Build natural interactions with your users and identify patterns in unstructured data and the solutions including but not limited to Sentiment Analysis, Text Analysis, language detection, key phrase extraction, document categorization and content classification

Deep Learning

Increase the performance of forecasting, decision-making and other important operations with our deep learning services.

Computer Vision

Leveraging ML and deep learning techniques in tandem to extract relevant and actionable information from images and videos.

Image Analytics

We provide Image recognition services enabling users to detect an object or attribute in an image using leading enterprise platforms

Video Analytics

With our video intelligence services, businesses can leverage the needs of tagging different entities in videos or motion pictures

Data Science

Find meaningful insights to improve your product or service.

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