Focusing on ensuring the functionality, reliability and stability of a product/serviceUhanging environment

The quality attributes of a system come under the purview of Non-Functional testing. These aspects tend to be ignored as they are difficult to quantify and are not covered by Functional testing. This neglect may result in dire consequences for the organization. The specialized skill sets needed for this are generally not found internally, thus necessitating outsourcing. Our Non-Functional testing services are designed to give you an important edge in the areas of Security, Performance, Usability, Compatibility and Data Quality. Our dedicated testing team of experts –  incorporate the best tools, methods and brain power to put these testing techniques to work for you.

Business Benefits of Non-Functional Testing:

  • Enhance the performance of the application
  • Increase the level of security
  • Ensure that the system performs according to the user’s expectations
  • Improves the user experience
  • Avoid risks from bugs coming in
  • Prevent potential loss to the company

Our Services Include:

Performance Testing

Load Testing

Security Testing

Usability Testing

Accessibility Testing

QA & Testing Offerings

Consulting, Advisory Services

Data Analytics Testing

Next Gen Testing

Non-functional Testing Services

Functional Testing Services

Quality Assurance

Emerging Tech QA

Digital Assurance

Quality Engineering

Test Advisory & Consulting

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