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Data is being produced constantly through communications, online activity, and social media platforms; there are over a billion and a half people active on Facebook each day and every minute some 450,000 tweets are sent on Twitter.

The role of our data scientists is to manipulate and interpret raw data for our clients. The resulting intelligence can then be used to recommend actions, answer questions, spot and track trends, and inform business decisions.

As a result of the data explosion most organizations have more data than ever before; we have all heard of the term Big Data – the term given to the mammoth amounts of data being collected. When large volumes are held in structured formats such as SQL databases and unstructured formats such as Word documents, exploiting data can be challenging.

We provide the technology and data science know-how to ensure our clients can make the most of the increasing amounts of data that are being collected. We provide state-of-the-art business intelligence and business analytics as part of our data science for business service so helping our clients to automate and simplify decision-making.

Data Science Services are:

Ingesting data from required sources

Preparing data for modeling purposes

Identifying appropriate algorithms for the use-case being worked upon

Developing machine learning models

Executing the models multiple times

Ranking & scoring data

Training & retraining models

Data preparation

Model generation

Performance tuning

Migration to other platforms

Data Science Services are:

Big Data Analytics

Text Analysis

NLP & Text Analysis

Computer Vision

Predictive Analytics

Data Capture / OCR

Data Science Technologies We work with:

Programing Languages:

languages & libraries




languages & libraries

Regardless of where you are in your data and analytics journey, we can partner with you to help you derive value from your data at an industrialized scale with compelling adoption rates. As a leading provider of data management & analytics services and solutions, We provide services covering the whole spectrum of analytics work done in an organization, from insights and modeling to ML and AI.

Data Analytics Offerings

Business Intelligence

Data Lake

Big Data

Data Warehouse

Advanced Analytics

Data Science

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