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TRUGlobal entered the foray into providing emerging Tech QA an AI-led, analytics-driven approach to software and application quality for success in the digital world. AI-led cognitive automation solutions (Intelligent Automation) combine the best of automation approaches with AI and help bring superior results. 

The focus is three-dimensional:
a) to eliminate test coverage overlaps,
b) to optimize efforts with more predictable testing, and
c) lastly to move from defect detection to defect prevention.

Today, organizations have better machine learning algorithms for pattern analysis and processing huge volumes of data that result in better run-time decisions. For instance, during a software upgrade, machine learning algorithms can traverse the code to detect key changes in functionality and link them to the requirements to identify test cases. This helps optimize testing and prevents the making of decisions on hot spots that could lead to failure. TRUGlobal AI-based testing platform is helping our clients improve agility and predictability while optimizing efforts in testing by integrating AI in testing.

We are pioneering a strategy that applies AI to QA beyond test optimization and prediction of failure to prevention through autonomous technologies. This approach would lead to a huge reduction in overall testing effort and also reduce dependency on humans. Its inbuilt intelligence and self-learning capabilities make it a superior solution for identifying critical paths for testing and for increasing testing accuracy.

With emerging tech QA, we can help reenergize your core products/services and make every employee more productive in their day-to-day work driving optimal value and efficiency.

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