Digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape in virtually every industry

As businesses realize the benefits of Agile development, they are also quickly learning that these processes can pose an unexpected challenge for QA teams. Delivering quality in Agile projects means testing iteratively against newly developed code. QA teams must contend with rapid development cycles and can test from the end-user perspective as early in the development cycle as possible. Optimizing their testing time is critical to the overall process.

We create and maintain automated, scriptless tests, enabling business users to test early and often and cover all possible scenarios across your business. Our solutions also identify changes to your applications and automatically update your test sets while fully leveraging current investments in functional testing and management technology. The various functions within each enterprise need to be working coherently to orchestrate these changes and to ensure that they reach the customers faster than the competition. To counter these challenges, enterprises adopt ‘Agile’ and/or ‘DevOps’ software development processes.

DevOps cycle

Major Advantages of our DevOps and Agile Testing Services:

We provide value-driven services and unique differentiators to make you embark on your business journey and help your business gain the best-in-class performance metrics.

  • Our inventive approaches to DevOps-driven processes allow us to standardize efforts and help businesses optimize resources.
  • We got the best professionals at our end to deliver seamless cloud transformation to businesses with adequate technology planning.

We follow up with standardized processes and toolkits for Agile and DevOps QA at the best price.

Our Methodology / Approach:

To help a business transition to DevOps and Agile, we use the following elements:


We help the business evaluate its present standards, roles, and processes, analyze its business requirements, check agile maturity and DevOps readiness, and accordingly plan the transition route map for its work products, roles, processes, tasks, standards, and guidelines.


This involves the selection of a DevOps testing tools stack (both open source and from prominent vendors) and their integration to support iterative cycles and continuous delivery and deployment.


From designing and implementing training for the in-house staff to getting the right people involved, choosing the suitable processes, and ensuring a faster, effective collaboration and communication between Development, Operations & Test teams, we do it all.


This involves defining the roles of the units involved and the organization as a whole.


From designing the testing framework to helping with the locations, connectivity, and nodes, we do everything to help a business get started with the transition without getting buried in the elaborate process.


From crafting plans of adoption and organizational changes (such as adopting cloud computing) required to facilitate the transition to defining metrics, we help with every step of the process.

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