Focus on delivering secure & reliable solutions

Being a customer-focused company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We follow the industry best practices and always commit to deliver a predictable high quality & on-time result that you expect from your development partner.

We place the major focus on delivering secure & reliable solutions of long-term value that enable our customers to concentrate on their core business objectives.

The transformation of concepts to solutions and products goes through different phases that are equally important in determining the success of the solution to meet desired objectives – planning, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance and acceptance.

Our Development Process:


Every client requirement is unique and has a different set of technical & usability challenges. Hence, we have several rounds of discussions with clients to conceptualize the idea & come up with requirements & estimation.

To come up with a product that completely meets the client unique idea Business Analysts define easier ways to attain what you need, while Project Managers identify the most suitable development methodology and cooperation model, as well as assemble the most effective project team, and the tech experts work on technical feasibility and select the most efficient technologies.

  • Conceptualization of idea
  • Research & Planning
  • Requirement Finalization & Estimations
  • Establishing protocols for Communication, Escalation, Review & Sign Off’s


Based on the initial research we do thorough analysis & documents are prepared. User Interface designs are developed combining needs of user experience, intuitive & friendly design, aesthetics and pragmatic functionality.

  • Creating wireframes
  • Design Mock-Ups/Prototype
  • Selecting the right development platforms & structures
  • UX Personalization


A dedicated team consisting of Project Manager, BA, Developers & Testers start working in synchronous manner to build the product based on the unique needs of the client. Advance project management tools like JIRA, Bugzilla & other enterprise solutions are integrated as a part of our development process.

  • Coding software components as per design specifications
  • Code Optimization
  • Release Plan


We have an independent QA department responsible for providing quality assurance throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle of every project. Depending on the size of the latter, we allocate a testing team and define a QA time frame, which allows us to optimize involvement and project costs. Though independent by virtue of their duties, our QA experts work in close cooperation with our development team.

  • End to end Functional Testing
  • Defect logging, tracking & resolution


Once the product or services are delivered, our team continuously strives to improve the product/services on the basis of feedback obtained from stakeholders, intermediaries & end users.

  • Product Delivery
  • Maintenance & Support

Our delivery models:

We offer flexible delivery models to work on your projects along with custom business models to choose from:


All project development requirements are covered, starting from conception to deployment and maintenance. It also supports outsourcing models where you can rely on us to complete your project on time and in the budget that we agreed. We keep you updated with each activity and stage of the project with our constant communication and project managers.


In this model, you post us with your project requirements, we assess them and carry out the project execution on your business location or site. Our expert developers, quality analysts, testers and deployment experts ensure that your project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, you can interview and shortlist developers and change engagement model to suit your business model.


We customize the project development depending upon your business model. This model is both dynamic and flexible to accommodate rapidly changing project requirements. Our resources will work according to your priority and project leads along with your work standards and methodologies.


This model allows you to have a virtual extension to your in-house team for project development and requirements. You interview and select your resources and agree upon a payment model of your choosing, your team sits on our premises, directly under your control and reporting. We provide logistical and technical support when necessary along with facilitation of payments and other norms.

The biggest benefit of this model is that the entire team reports directly to you, giving you unhindered access. They adapt to your business practices and methodologies of software development and project management.


Our team located on customer site directly interacts with the offshore team back with us to ensure smooth addressing of critical items and tasks. They integrate and fix pain points and issues that need immediate attention, while our dedicated offshore team develops systems and processes.

This model maximizes utilization of time and resources by providing the client with greater access to team and cost reduction of project development through our facilities. This model is recommended for SME and large projects which are prone to change and need immediate attention from our team.

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