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Salesforce is a highly collaborative and customizable CRM platform. We can tailor its functionality according to your specific requirements and use its tools according to your preferences.

In order to streamline all business processes and making sure that they are undertaken efficiently, it is important to communicate with multiple entities in an effective manner. We help you in doing so through our Salesforce Community Cloud services.

Key Features Of Salesforce Community Cloud:

Our team makes sure that our clients are offered the best, latest, and most relevant Salesforce Communities features that help them in leveraging their functionality. Here are some of the most important Community Cloud features Organizations can avail through our Salesforce Community Cloud services:

  • Brainstorming and Discussion Boards: One of the key features pertaining to the Salesforce Community Cloud is that facilitates efficient collaboration between the management and other entities critical to the business organization. 

The platform allows you to manage all your contacts in an organized manner. Whenever in need, you can connect with the required contact(s) simply by clicking a few buttons. This speed and ease of communication also provide scope for brainstorming. While charting out important project plans or marketing campaigns, Salesforce Community Cloud can be used as a centralized platform for brainstorming ideas and courses of action with your team members. It also offers you with efficient discussion boards to initiate productive conversations and receive responses from your team members.

  • Project and Task Management: Salesforce Community Cloud can be extremely useful for managing your projects and tasks effectively. It can be a single point of contact between you and your team members. As a project manager, it is very important to coordinate between multiple team members and you cannot afford any miscommunication. This platform eliminates such issues as communication is quick, open, and centralized. 

Community Cloud also allows you to keep a track of the various tasks you have assigned to your subordinates and monitor their progress. You can choose to communicate with specific employees or your team as a whole regarding specific aspects pertaining to the task. As every activity is transparent and traceable, you can also ascertain the effectiveness of the task upon its completion.

  • Calendar and Document Management: Salesforce Community Cloud also comes with distinct calendars and document management features. It allows you to create specific events on your Salesforce Calendar and manage your schedule effectively. You can also associate your contacts with specific calendar events to make scheduling more organized. 

With the help of Community Cloud, you can also manage all necessary documents across your contacts. It allows you to monitor the documents you send or receive and store them in the system according to your preferences. This way, you can streamline the processes involving the transfer of valuable documents across your contacts.

  • Content Management and Moderation: Community Cloud facilitates the creation and management of all forms of business content utilized for communicating with the relevant entities. It allows you to create personalized content for customers, partners, or employees drafted exclusively for them, to deliver the content whenever required and keeping a track of such business communication. It also offers you the service of moderating the content you or your team creates for effective communication. 
  • Social Media Management: In recent times, a lot is riding on the social media presence of a business organization. Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to manage your business account on multiple social media platforms and engage with your contacts on these platforms.
  • Ideation and Crowdsourcing: As mentioned earlier, Community Cloud implementation allows you to indulge in productive conversations with your partners, customers or team members for brainstorming. This can help you in efficient ideation for the purpose of launching a new product/service, building a marketing/sales campaign, planning for a project or other business processes. 

Moreover, you can easily divide work and delegate authorities on this platform amongst your subordinates. Such crowdsourcing helps you in getting complicated tasks completed faster and more effectively.

  • Decision Tree: A decision tree is essentially a visual representation of multiple possible outcomes of a decision. Salesforce Community Cloud allows you and your team/partners to evaluate all the important decisions taken by you by allowing you to choose between the likely outcomes of the same. This helps you in obtaining a holistic perspective of the concerning situations and improves decision making.

Our Community Cloud services include:

  • Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Customization
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Integrations
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Consulting & Strategy
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Support & Maintenance
  • User Experience & Design

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