These employees would vouch for us.

Nidhi Kumari
Developer MES

I would like to express my satisfaction as an employee to the company which values its employees and provides excellent perks and benefits to them. They are always given the opportunity to work on the latest technologies and the ability to further our skills and careers. I am happy to be a part of an organization that is growing at a fast pace while not compromising on the quality and processes. I always will and have recommended my friends to join TRUGlobal.

Anil Kumar Ethakalaya
Lead Developer-SOA

It’s been 6 months working with TRUGlobal.
Started as a Lead SOA Developer to work on cloud technologies in a retail domain, where I have given opportunity to work on B2B process, which helped client to achieve their goals of automation with low cost, high accuracy and Quality.
TRUGlobal provided me a conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work to the clients. Very proud to work with TRUGlobal and happy to continue my career with TG.

Khushboo Sethiya
Resource Manager

TRUGlobal provides business value to its customers by meeting their challenges with unique business strategy. I am happy to be a part of this innovative organization which is delighting the customers with unmatched service delivery innovation and quality processes. It has a people driven approach which provides the professionals a platform to take up challenging and rewarding assignments.

Helan Kumar Mungaru
Lead Consultant-BI

Time flies so fast… Almost 2 years going through and I believe many good years still coming for me. The work environment is great and comfortable. In the short period of time I have been here, got good recognition and appreciations. It is Transparent and High visibility to higher level management. Me, My Manager and MD of the company sits in the same row .
Critical deadline and fun activities in between by HR team, Satisfied and I’m Happy to be part of TruGlobal. Thanks!

Amrutha M R
Associate Manager-HR

My Four-year journey at TRUGlobal has been very gratifying and rewarding. I always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role which helped me prove myself and achieve greater heights. The culture is transparent, every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here. TRUGlobal also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with supportive colleagues. Our successes, milestones and achievements are always recognized. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process. I am glad to be a part of this company and an awesome team!

Vikram Nagesh
Senior Manager-QA

It is not the bouquet that is seen, but the mindset. It is not the felicitation but sharing socially reflects the attitude. It is not the acceptance of faults, but the commitment to solve what makes TG a real difference. Their solution-based approach is holistic in nature and their continuous improvement process and problem solving advancements helps customers to be notified even before they see it.

Arunkumar Ponnuswamy
Lead Developer-SCM

I have started my career path as Lead consultant and have been involved in serval projects in these last two year. TRUGlobal gives me the perfect working environment where I can grow my career, share my thoughts with the open management team and work with passionate colleagues. I am happy to be a part of an organization that is growing at a fast pace while not compromising on the quality and processes. I will always highly recommend others to join the organization who is looking for a challenging, fast growing environment with opportunities to learn cross functional skills.

Amit Asnani

I am constantly provided with opportunities to work on the latest technologies, processes and the ability to grow my skills that will help me in my career. Apart from good work, TRUGlobal also helps me to be future ready. I am happy to be a part of this family that is growing at a fast pace while not compromising on the quality and processes. 

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