Application Maintenance and Support for Transforming Business

We believe the only way to maximize efficiency and minimize issues is through regular support. After the development process, we begin the maintenance stage so that your product continues to operate at high levels. TRUGlobal sets up scheduled updates that will help guarantee your system or application stays in tune with new technology. This keeps your entire infrastructure running smoothly.

Our mainstream services include:

Adaptive Maintenance and Support:

We can help you make the necessary modifications and revisions to your software for the transformational needs of your business. Here is an overview of what we do as part of application software maintenance – Data format change, Localization and regulation change, Hardware configuration change, Support Utility Modification, and Operating system integration.

Corrective Maintenance and Support:

We help you fix errors in your software system, whether logical, coding or design errors. Moreover, we investigate any bug that may arise in your software algorithms.

Perfective Maintenance and Support:

Constant upkeep and special attention are needed to make the most of the technology for your business. We examine your software thoroughly for modifications, rectifications, editing, deletions, additions, and enhancements that it may need, and take necessary action.

Preventive Maintenance:

Proactive and Preventive – that is how we define the efficiency of our application software maintenance services. Based on customer feedback and past incidents, we prepare your software for future requirements of your business

You can count us on the improved response and resolution timeframes and achieve smoother introduction of new products and upgrades to customers

Application Maintenance:

Utilize portfolio-based tactics about technology, information planning, public, and services by considering your unique business objectives, methods, and applications.

Performance Monitoring:

Ensure high-accessibility and higher performance of your applications by addressing issues pertinent to maintenance and monitoring, solving bottlenecks, and proactive consideration of customer feedback.

Application Improvement:

Jump from ‘it works’ on a cloud server to an actual production environment setting. Sacle-up/down your server settings to ensure optimum performance of your software through application improvement.

Application Re-engineering:

Overcome the challenges faced by programmers and maintenance engineers when it comes to serving legacy applications. Deploy re-engineering services to transform legacy applications.

Application Migration and Integration:

Optimize IT environments for improved performance and higher productivity with top-notch solutions that seamlessly integrate business applications, data, and systems.

Application Support:

Identify issues and locate vulnerabilities before occurrence. Find solutions that ensure consistent delivery of value and add to organizational efficiency with customized application support services modules.

Levels of Support We Offer:

Our multi-tier support and maintenance services can be adjusted flexibly to business needs

Level 1:
Cover basic support and troubleshooting. Monitor system availability and performance. Conduct back office activities like password resets and end-user communication.

Level 2:
Configure servers, deploy monitoring teams, enlist DevOps services, and move IT infrastructure to the cloud to restore the system as soon as possible.

Level 3:
Fix complex technical issues like fixing bugs, performance audits, code reviews, feature implementation, and other source-code-related changes.

Our package includes & we can customize for you

Error Tracking and Debugging

Offshore Product Maintenance

Version Upgrades

Version Enhancements

Extensive User Support

Technical Troubleshooting

Performance Monitoring

Performance Testing

Documentation Development

Quality Assurance Testing

Engineering Offerings

Support & Maintenance
Enterprise DevOps
Application Engineering
Product Design & Development
Product Strategy
Manufacturing Execution System
PLM Services

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