Building a product is more than just design & engineering.

Our product strategy helps you navigate the entire product engineering journey seamlessly- from ideation to implementation. Working collaboratively with our clients, our digital strategists develop new ideas and then quickly validate them by building proofs of concept. Leveraging our deep domain expertise and past experiences, we provide a product transformation roadmap that helps you build the right solution, customized to your business situation.

To develop and maintain a successful product strategy, we work with the product leaders to:

  • Understand the market and consumer dynamics and trends
  • Map out and benchmark competitive offerings in the market
  • Stay on top of technological trends
  • Assess industry drivers and financial factors
  • Define and prioritize actionable strategic options
  • Communicate decisions across the organization
  • Possess grit and conviction to the longer-term product strategy

Our Approach to Product Strategy


  • Focused Market Research
  • Empathy Map Creation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Competition Analysis


  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Customer Use-Cases
  • Technologies, Platforms & Solutions
  • Pricing & Revenue Models
  • Partnership Ecosystem


  • Product Architecture
  • Digital Platforms
  • Security
  • Hardware 
  • Embedded Systems
  • UI/UX Engineering


  • Prototyping & PoC
  • MVP Strategy
  • Automation
  • Product Testing
  • Automated Quality Control
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Connected Service Support
  • Customer Usage Analytics

Engineering Offerings

Support & Maintenance

Enterprise DevOps

Application Engineering

Product Design & Development

Product Strategy

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

PLM Services

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