Technology will be pivotal in helping organizations address evolving challenges and help them drive competitive advantage.

Reliability and reputation for innovation put Microsoft technology at the heart of most businesses’ IT strategies. TRUGlobal’s knowledge of Microsoft products and solutions, borne out of our longstanding partnership and dedicated team of experts, stands head and shoulders above all others.

Large or small, commercial or public sector, we have far-reaching experience in delivering Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of a variety of businesses. 

Our skills span the entire Microsoft product portfolios which include:

  • Critical Infrastructure – Everything you need to keep your systems up and running, including OS, virtualization technologies, and management tools
  • Email & Collaboration – Vital tools and apps needed to keep your business connected and your staff working effectively
  • Data Management – Use tools like SQL, Excel, and CRM to store, analyze and make available your data for more informed decision making
  • Productivity – Get more done and empower your people with tools that allow them to produce professional results
  • Data Security – If your data is compromised you could lose your business. Keep your data – and your business – safe
  • Storage Backup – IT solutions to help prevent data loss and theft
  • Mobile Working – Keep your people in touch and connected so they can work whenever, wherever
  • Cloud – Cloud computing, on-premise, or a mixture of both? Choose what’s right for your business

Whether you’re looking for specific support or integrating Microsoft products as part of a wider solution, or simply need some advice, we have the Microsoft expertise to assist you. Our dedicated software licensing team can help you negotiate the challenges of Microsoft software agreements for your chosen technology and manage in full or co-manage part of your final Microsoft solution using our managed services team.

We help you on the Windows Azure Platform to provide on-demand computing and storage resources. This works best to host collaboration systems, run big data applications, and migrate applications out of over-taxed data centers. You can design, build and run software for enterprise development, and to accelerate time-to-value, we offer architects for strategy, pre-built methodologies for development along with an open environment to explore Azure operations.

It has been noticed that with the onset of an uncertain economic environment and ever-growing business complexities, enterprises of every size are putting their best foot forward to cut their costs as well as enhance productivity and operational efficiency that results in the majority of the businesses to efficiently strategize IT resource migration to the cloud. Cloud migration is not an easy process as it requires experience and comprehensive knowledge and here we allow businesses to benefit from our services in Microsoft Azure Development.

You get a comprehensive cloud service portfolio comprising infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) & software as a service (SaaS). 

Azure platform – Virtual Machines, App Service, SQL database, Storage, DocumentDB, Backup, Visual Studio Team Services, IoT Hub. Site Recovery, Machine Learning, and many more – Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and professionals can use to build, deploy and manage the application through a global network of over 38 data centres.

We implement ASP.Net Application Development right from analysis, design, implementation, testing, and integration of systems.

Our team of expert developers provides strategic and transformational ASP.NET Core development capabilities and expertise to continually innovate and enable organizations to deliver key differentiators. We combine technology expertise to help acquire new capabilities such as the migration of legacy desktop applications or supporting apps during the entire lifecycle.

  • ASP.NET Core – Web Application: Develop high-end and full-featured custom ASP.NET Core applications tailored to meet business requirements.
  • ASP.NET Core – 3rd Party Integration: Increase functionality and customization of .Net Core application with ASP.NET core integration services.
  • ASP.NET Core – Migration: We also migrate your legacy applications to reliable mobile apps by retaining their core functionalities.
  • ASP.NET Core – App Maintenance: Our reliable application maintenance & support services help applications run without any functionality errors or glitches.
  • Web API Development: We excel in WebAPI development for performance leveraging built-in functionality such as architecture & design patterns.

Cloud Application Development: Comprehensive integration of applications with cloud services like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS for access to all information.

TRUGlobal offers easy and secure migration from legacy tools to Office365 which combines productivity and collaboration cloud services (Exchange, Skype, SharePoint) with the Office Professional suite. We help customers to evaluate and get the right mix between cloud and on-premise applications and data.

Office365 services include:

  • Migration Services – Multi-Platform
  • Managed Services for O365
  • Onsite Dedicated Helpdesk
  • End user migration services
  • Roadmap / Tenant assessment

Installations of Microsoft SQL Server have increased substantially over the last few years with it becoming almost the database management system of choice for custom-built and pre-packaged applications due to its affordable pricing and value-for-money with its rich feature set. This popularity of SQL Server, however, has also resulted in a sprawl of installations in a corporate environment with different divisions and departments implementing the DB server on their dedicated hardware servers. 

The SQL Server Sprawl results in standardization issues, security holes, an increase in expenses due to an unknown number of hardware and licenses operating in the infrastructure, and the risk of un-coordinated installations. 

TRUGlobal can help businesses save money, optimize licensing and administration costs and achieve higher ROI from their SQL installations by leveraging the deep technical knowledge and expertise based on our relationships with Microsoft.

One of the main tasks of the IT team in any organization is to help provide a secure platform for collaboration where diverse team members – employees, partners, customers, and stakeholders – sitting in multiple locations and offices can coordinate and collaborate seamlessly as if they are sitting in one location. 

TRUGlobal helps customers to achieve this vision with Microsoft SharePoint technology helping individuals, teams, and organizations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere in the world on any device. 

TRUGlobal has helped many customers across geographies to leverage SharePoint technology and build collaboration platforms like:

  • Corporate Intranet Portal: A corporate intranet portal is like a meeting room or a seminar that everyone attends and where they can find news, announcements, scheduled tasks, and a variety of internal corporate information that they may need to get their job done.
    • Efficient communications without geographical and organizational limitations
    • Unified access to all internal corporate services with search, version management, workflows, and tasks to name a few
    • Feedback on the latest and the most vital ideas, proposals, and information materials
  • Document Storage and Workflow: SharePoint can be used as an internal document storage location where all team members and employees can store and share their documents rather than keeping them on their hard drives. Documents stored on SharePoint can be accessed by anyone at any time on any device if they have permission to do so. Team members using SharePoint can also work on documents simultaneously and save their edits so that everyone can see, view and work on the latest versions of the document. Softline also helps to set up a complete workflow for document management. 
  • Collaboration: SharePoint can be used as a collaboration engine within the organization with teams working on projects and documents in real-time with the ability to access the latest information and version of the documents at any time from any location on any device across any network. TRUGlobal helps customer to leverage the power of “any” available on SharePoint to make them more productive and efficient.
  • Content Management System: TRUGlobal has helped customers build a robust content management system for their external websites on the SharePoint platform. Using the platform, customers can give access to select people in their organization to make changes to the external website in a secure manner. 


Customer satisfaction is no longer the benchmark for businesses to attain in today’s agile, dynamic, and fast-paced world. The new benchmark is Customer Delight. 

A robust CRM solution can help organizations manage the entire customer lifecycle from identification to acquisition and if need be separation ensuring that the customer gets the best experience at all times.

TRUGlobal helps customers build a robust CRM platform based on Microsoft Dynamics. We offer a complete service package for implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, from initial inspection and implementation to training, technical support, and hosting. We not just help customers with the implementation of individual Microsoft Dynamics components as below but also have the expertise and knowledge to help build an integrated platform combining all the components and also develop add-ons, if needed:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales: Turn relationships into revenue with digital intelligence in every deal
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Earn customers for life with world-class customer service
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations: Make data-driven decisions for smarter, more efficient operations
  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service: Optimize your scheduling and use predictive tools to master the service call
  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation: Create more profitable customer relationships using intelligent tools
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Deliver powerful customer experiences
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights: Give employees the relevant insights they need to better understand and engage with customers 


With the business growth comes an increase in the employees and IT infrastructure. New applications, software, and solutions are added to the infrastructure, and management of the infrastructure becomes more and more complex. Organizations end up spending a lot of time managing the complexity rather than focusing on optimizing the infrastructure and deriving maximum benefits from it. 

Solutions powered by Microsoft System Centre help the organization monitor infrastructure resources – whether deployed within the data center, physical, virtual, or on the cloud – and workloads and applications from a single console. With one source of health information for the IT environment, organizations can optimize their operations and reduce response time to issues before they lead to downtime and loss of productivity. 

Infrastructure Monitoring:

  • Cross-platform monitoring with the ability to monitor environments across UNIX, RedHat/SUSE Linux, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX environments as well. 
  • Flexible enterprise-scale monitoring and fault-prevention functions
  • Availability of business-critical applications and services due to the best-of-breed of performance monitoring and diagnostics functionality for .NET and JEE applications
  • Holistic and unified view of the blend of data centers, public and private clouds

Configuration Management:

  • Centralize deployment and configuring of business applications and system software, matching licenses and installations
  • Heterogeneous IT infrastructure management, including mobile devices and apps
  • Simplification of infrastructure, TCO reduction
  • Compliance with regulations and corporate standards

User Support: 

  • Prompt and timely support via a self-service portal
  • Reduced time to resolution due to detailed monitoring capability
  • Optimization of workflow and accelerated request resolution due to templates that efficiently guide IT specialists with pre-configured request resolution maps

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