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We use product engineering principles across all our engagements.

  • Prototyping: Rapid prototyping is one the most effective ways to evaluate product capabilities. We can help turn wireframes into testable models
  • Certification and Compliance: We can take a load of certification off a product engineering team, allowing them to focus on feature delivery
  • Development Operations: DevOps is a critical process that when optimized will allow a product team to release more often with fewer defects
  • Legacy Maintenance: We manage legacy maintenance for product engineering teams, allowing them to focus on new releases
  • Test Engineering: We apply engineering principles and approaches to QA
  • Core Engineering: Our engineering teams understand how to build products correctly
  • Application Modernization: We modernize your legacy programs in accordance with current technical capacities and business requirements. The conversion of outdated applications to modern programming languages, libraries and platforms allows getting the most out of your existing solutions.

Our Solutions for engineering services will help you the need to hire software engineers is eliminated. Our expert programmers apply engineering in the development process to provide you with high-quality solutions at a reasonable price and meeting a schedule. Also, you can be sure that applications you get relies on best-in-class technologies and tools, and all the requirements to its safety are observed.

State-of-the-art development methodology to reduce risks and time-to-market

Project Management Approach

Ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products through engineering best practices and agile principles

  • Clearly defined user stories 
  • Sprint planning 
  • Test driven development 
  • Daily scrum meetings 
  • Mid sprint and end sprint demos 
  • Scrum velocity optimization 
  • Weekly backlog review and planning 
  • Project reporting through agile-centric management software

Software Delivery Approach

DevOps approach to automate, optimize, and monitor project delivery pipeline & quality.

  • Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery 
  • Deployment automation via pipelines 
  • Continuous and Iterative development 
  • Cloud native CI/CD 
  • Automation testing 
  • Configuration management 
  • Micro-services architecture augmentation 
  • Application release automation 
  • Monitoring and feedback automations

Customers leverage our DevOps consulting services to accelerate time-to-market of your software. We cater to complete DevOps assessment, DevOps automation and DevOps management.

DevOps Solutions and Services for application modernization and Cloud-native Enterprise applications for continuous Delivery, Automated Deployment, analytics, and Intelligence for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments on Vmware, Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS includes:

Custom Application Software Development

Application Modernization

Legacy Application Migration

Application Support & Maintenance

Content Management Systems

Software Application Re-engineering

Intranet Portals, Extranet Portals

Enterprise Application Integration Services

E-commerce Application Systems

Web enabling Legacy Applications

Cloud Enabling Software Applications

Desktop Software Application Development

Hi-tech Application Software Development on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Data Science

Enterprise Application systems such as ERP, CRM, DMS, Supply chain, Workflow Application Systems

Engineering Offerings

Support & Maintenance

Enterprise DevOps

Application Engineering

Product Design & Development

Product Strategy

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

PLM Services

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