Historical data is becoming a key tool for decision-making at enterprises of all levels.

Data Analytics Testing gets you answers to questions related to the veracity of data preparation, and model production, and helps uncover inherent biases. Tests are conducted to verify whether the visualization graphs are displaying data correctly, whether the visualizations can be bettered, and whether the models are performing without latency.

Our Data Analytics Testing Process has:

We understand the risks that your analytics reports can face. With the know-how of both proprietary and open-source tools. Our Data Testing services include

Data Analytics Testing Approaches:

Pre-ETL Validations: 
Format, Consistency, Completeness

Post-ETL Tests: 
Meta-data, Data transformation, Data quality checks, Business validations

Validate Models: 
Implementation, Computation

Validate Aggregation: 
Data Hierarchy, Data Scope, Summarized Values

Validate Visualization: 
Information Representation, Data Format, Result Intuitiveness

Take advantage of our Analytics Advisory team that provides solutions for predictive modeling, demand forecasting, customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, etc. We audit current data analytics maturity, suggest the right tools and techniques, and eventually help build your Analytics Centre of Excellence.

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