Flexible, Reliable and Scalable

We tailor our engagement model depending upon your business requirements. We ensure that you enjoy the benefits of our expertise, lower exposure to risks and cost-effective project management.

We understand that every client is unique and looking for flexibility in team engagement, catering to address their specific needs. We offer multiple and flexible engagement models to meet diverse needs of our clients globally.

Our engagement models are highly centered toward fulfilling customer’s innate needs.

Customer Demands are:

High Quality

Fast Delivery

Low Cost

Increased Project Profitability

Flexible Resource Allocation

Predictable Support

Increased Project Profitability

We work with customer’s to choose the right methodology for rendering our services:

Project Based – Fixed-Price Model:

The Fixed Price Model is associated with a pre-determined project cost. It is ideal to use when you have well-defined project requirements for the solution or application that you wish to develop. The project scope and costs are agreed upon at the time of signing the contract and the execution of the project is done in accordance with this. The project costs in this case are closely linked to well-defined project deliverables which are typically tied to various payment milestones during the course of the project. This arrangement also helps the client visibly monitor progress and minimize project risk.

It is possible that the scope could undergo a significant change during the course of the project. In such cases, a Change Management: process is invoked that allows for such change to be accommodated with approval from both sides including that related to cost and timeline implications, if any.

  • Best suited when the requirements, scope, deliverable & acceptance criteria’s are clear
  • Pricing is based on client’s clear & distinct requirements
  • Strict work standards are followed to deliver the best product
  • Phase wise delivery & strict adherence to timelines
  • Most effective & convenient model to cut down the cost

Time and Material Model:

Popularly abbreviated as the T&M model, this engagement arrangement is preferred when the scope of work associated with a project isn’t yet fully clear and is continuously evolving. It’s a great agile model that’s the best fit for iterative and incremental application development. We take your input and considerations at each stage keeping in mind that you require flexibility and continuous changes and advancements in the project. Also, we follow a sorted project management process based on weekly reporting system, without any complexity. We charge the client based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.

  • Best suited when a project has an evolving scope & consistently changing requirements
  • Best suited for iterative & incremental application development
  • Daily/weekly reporting system is followed
  • Client is charged on the basis of no. of hours dedicated by each resource

Extended Team – Hire A Dedicated Developer:

Our extended team model allows you to integrate top engineers into your team, even if we work from our office. Instead of outsourcing the entire development process – including management – your project manager remains in charge of the process, sharing the project between an in-house team and also with our developers. The extended team model increases the capacity and flexibility of your team, allowing you to scale projects quickly and deliver products on time while remaining fully in charge of all aspects of the development process.

  • Best suited when client wants complete managerial control over the project & its development process
  • Client can hire experts in Development, Testing, Project Management, Digital Marketing and other consultants at any duration of project development

Managed Team:

In Managed team engagement model, we will be managing the services for you in an end-to-end and holistic manner taking care of all requirements that arise within that area of work. This typically includes staffing the right people on the project, using the required tools and infrastructure, implementing process and best practices as suited to the project, maintaining documentation, producing project reports and ensuring that the deliverables are deployed in a timely manner. Simply we will be taking care of all software development, maintenance and quality assurance of the projects.

Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models

  • No complexities
  • Transparent quotes
  • Secured development environment
  • No compromise with quality
  • Calculated costs and budgeted rates
  • 100% Privacy Maintained
  • Standardized Approach

Looking for a different engagement model?

We are flexible with our engagement models and offer you a hybrid-model