Focusing on ensuring the functionality, reliability, and stability of a product/service

Users demand rapid changes to applications as their needs are more dynamic than ever. Modifications in the database & operating system updates, deployment configurations, bug fixes, functionality enhancements, integrations, patches, interfaces, etc.

Regression testing is a CT practice that mandates re-running of functional & non-functional tests. This ensures that the software continues to perform in the same manner as it did before making any changes. For the regression test to function effectively, enterprises need to implement robust test automation services in place.

DevOps and Agile testing approaches also enable us to work with developers in parallel to ensure shorter regression testing times with accurate and timely reporting for releasing bug-free updates.

Our highly flexible test automation framework introduces the element of reusability and consistency to shorten testing cycle times. Our test execution controls advanced risk-based methods to recognize wedged functionalities, more proficiently. 

We help customers with our Automated Regression Testing in various areas: 

  • Our automation frameworks enable faster time-to-release, while also helping identify scenarios where only selective automation will work
  • We optimize our regression test approach to minimize risk, and know when to stop testing
  • We help deliver effective regression cycles with the minimal escalation of costs
  • We ensure accuracy in regression testing to ease maximum coverage through a minimal number of test cases
  • We help our clients meet critical release deadlines

Our various regression services offered by us are:

Software Regression Testing: 

We perform quality & successful regression testing using extensive approaches that are based on your business requirements.

Our structured schedules for entry & exit criteria ensure better & complete coverage of requirements.

System Integration Regression Testing:

Leverage our strategic ability to functionally evaluate the system’s interactions with other elements.

Validate the system’s compliance with the client’s specific requirements to get valuable results using less number of test cases & tools.

Functional Regression Testing:

ensure error & bug-free system after each modification with our systemized services.

Enjoy safe upgrades, patches & fixes in the system and its functionality.

Automated Regression Testing:

Our team of professionals automates the perpetual task of validating the proper functioning & processing of the software.

Automatically execute UI tests after every build or change, with the assistance of productive automated tools.

End-to-end Regression Testing:

Get defined strategies & solutions to test applications from start to end to assess end-to-end functionality.

Our test ensures that the system’s performance is based on specified requirements.

Corrective & Progressive Testing:

Verify & validate your system’s functioning against specifications.

Get modified or unaltered and existing or freshly prepared tests.

Regression Test Case Management:

Get a team of skilled, adept, & experienced testers to manage test cases effortlessly.  

Get quality outcomes with marginal efforts.

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