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The right QA strategy can help you for faster go-to-market

The QA function has unique challenges in every enterprise, be it a small enterprise that is just at the beginning of setting up, a QA team or a multi-billion dollar giant with matured QA processes. The right QA strategy can help you improve the overall product quality and reduce release cycle time enabling faster time-to-market and controlling the rising QA costs. 

Verification and validation take up to 40% of effort and resources in software development. Fighting time-to-market and cost constraints, clients often risk production quality with inadequate testing, resulting in higher maintenance costs, increased chances of failure, and customer dissatisfaction. We work with organizations across the globe to meet their testing requirements. By leveraging our domain, frameworks, tools, and methodologies, we enable clients to reduce time and effort spent on testing, thus making the entire software development life-cycle more efficient and achieve the desired business outcome.

TRUGlobal Assurance Services is built to provide clients with the nondisruptive, agile, digitized, standardized and transformative solutions that clients need to turn their ideas into revenue-generating products and services. Our spectrum of services helps them do just that for less money, in less time, and in a simpler manner. Client’s strategy is to thrive in an uncertain world and our expertise and experience can help them do that.

We assist you with the specialist advice to achieve the objectives and help you move to the next maturity level in QA. We deliver custom solutions that address your current business needs and align with your future aspirations. Using the TMMI Based Assessment, TRUGlobal will assess your current test organization and map it to the TMMI model.

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