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Cloud is a critical and strategic differentiator and businesses look to deploy custom applications as a strategic differentiator to drive growth and operating efficiencies. Traditional application development and deployment have several operational inefficiencies. A significant investment in infrastructure and platforms has increased in cost and time to deliver solutions without offering much value to the business. 

Deployment of Cloud Computing technologies requires many of the standard project development and deployment disciplines, like good project management, effective stakeholder engagement, and business-focused training – with few changes specific to cloud implementations.

Our implementation services help clients to rapidly achieve their business goals for utilizing cloud strategy. We will help with planning, assessment of the current system, build, quality validation & verification, deployment, and support

Our extensive Cloud computing experience allows us to help guide agencies through the often-difficult process of implementing a Cloud solution. Our models are built upon the proven implementation process that incorporates stakeholder interviews, system and application inventory, architecture, implementation support, and often the ongoing operations and maintenance activities.

Cloud technology provides the ability for almost instantaneous provisioning of new resources. Without a strong configuration and change management plan, the server sprawl can very quickly become a real problem. Our Cloud implementation process includes ensuring configuration and change management are in place and operational before moving any resource to the Cloud.

Cloud Implementation service can help ensure a successful and secure deployment — whether you’d like to build a private cloud, use public cloud offerings from providers or develop a hybrid of both.

We perform training sessions for executives, program managers, and technical personnel to ensure that they are up to speed on what the new Cloud infrastructure has to offer, and how best to leverage these offerings to fulfill agency-specific goals.

We tailor detailed knowledge transfer plans to your team’s roles and responsibilities; ensuring that the right people have the right training.

Our Scalable Cloud Implementation Services

We focus our scalable cloud implementation on the collection of technologies aimed to provide seamless computing. Below is the list of cloud implementation services we offer:

Dedicated IT Team

A team of dedicated Engineers, who are proficient in managing all aspects of your infrastructure

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

It is a practice of automating the entire software release process. The idea is to do Continuous Integration and Delivery automatically, prepare and track a release to production. The desired outcome is that anyone with sufficient privileges to deploy a new release can do so at any time automatically. The elimination of all manual tasks makes the developers more productive

Automated release management

Automating your release management process. Our teams provide a combination of automation, environment modeling, and workflow management capabilities. These practices help teams deliver software rapidly, reliably, and responsibly.

Application containerization

Containerization is application-specific, providing apps with dedicated environments to run on, which can, in turn, be deployed and run anywhere without requiring a machine for each app. We containerized your application with proper architecture with future scalable capabilities.

Designing Infrastructure Architecture

Our team includes Certified Engineers with vast expertise, relevant past performance, and strong vendor relationships. Prior experience with infrastructure design, implementation, and sustainment of your requirements and ensuring the technical systems and infrastructure are designed to support business requirements.

Cloud Managed Services

Our team of experts has experience in cloud technology design and development. We manage cloud services built on industry best practices to help our clients realize value propositions and focus on their business with the underlying people, process, and technology, with confidentiality and security.

Security optimization

Our technologies and practices keep computer systems and electronic data safe. Our security team is staffed by a fleet of certified engineers who have years of experience in security environments and architecting complex security solutions for Cloud environments.

Server Monitoring and Support

Our monitoring tools help in monitoring servers as well as the entire infrastructure. They also provide intensive reports on capacity planning to maintain the network without any hassle.

Our Cloud Architecture Expertise Include:

Hybrid Architecture

Microservices based architecture

Serverless Architecture

Containerized systems based on native Docker/Kubernetes

Dual autoscaling systems – VM & container scaling

Next-gen architecture using Kubernetes and advance AI/ML and data analytics

Multi-region and GDPR compliant architecture

Hardware accelerating architecture

Our Technology Offerings

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