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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are automated conversation partners. They consist of business rules and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Users can interact with it through text or speech. It is a combination of the word ‘chat’, which refers to the interlocutor, and ‘robot’, which refers to automated.

Chatbot as a Service

Over the last few years, transformation and the constantly evolving digital landscape have completely changed the way people interact and enterprises do business. The customers want answers quickly.

Our Chatbot as a Service offering enables you to provide a better customer experience quickly.

Where can you find chatbots?

AI-based chatbots blend multiple components in the cloud ecosystems across Cognitive services, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, with seamless connectivity to channels such as Skype, Web, Stacks, Emails, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Bing, Kik, Microsoft Teams, Cortana, and others to better infer intent, make actionable recommendations in the context of the conversation and gain deep insights on customer interaction data. Chatbots are also found on corporate websites or messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Telegram. In the form of a pop-up chat window or digital assistant where visitors can go with questions. By adding speech to a chatbot, you can also interact with devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, or your car.

AI chatbots – autonomous round-the-clock agents enable enterprises today to achieve personalized and great customer service, along with faster and better customer experience. 

Why a chatbot?

Chatbots are often used for two reasons:

  1. To improve the customer experience of customers or employees: chatbots as a live chat service or call center agents are always available for help and questions. They don’t have holidays or lunch breaks. Chatbots understand human language and context, so they always answer questions quickly and correctly.
  2. To achieve cost efficiency by automating human tasks: chatbots can quickly find answers in a mountain of information. In this way, they make the service provision more efficient. Is it busy? Then it is easy to immediately switch on additional chatbots at low costs. Because chatbots do not receive secondary employment conditions, wages, and irregularity allowance.

Advantages of chatbots

Always open

Chatbots can also answer questions or assignments in the evenings or on weekends. Users or customers are always helped immediately.


Callers will never be on hold at a call center again. A chatbot can answer more callers or chats at the same time.


Thanks to AI robots are no longer distant but user-friendly. Organizations can use chatbots to help users humanly, in line with their image.


In today’s information society, the right information or actions are often difficult to find. Chatbots search large amounts of data in an instant.

What can chatbots do for you?

Chatbots can answer simple and complex questions and perform tasks automatically. Examples of simple commands are: block my bank card or call my mother. A more complex task is, for example, booking a hotel or handling an insurance claim – which requires the use of different channels, systems, and processes. This intelligent chatbot must also understand your intention.

Natural Language Processing

Chatbots are often equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP). This technology converts human language into computer language. Natural Language Processing is an essential part of chatbots: without this translation from human to computer, no interaction is possible.

The future of chatbots

Today, most chatbots perform one task through one channel. For example, a chatbot on a website of a telecom provider, insurance company, or travel organization that answers customer questions. But that is about to change. Chatbots are increasingly being built with extensive AI. This enables them to perform more tasks across different channels and devices. Think of a virtual assistant such as a more extensive version of Siri or Google Assistant. Such chatbots can handle things like your tax return, restaurant reservation, and orders.

Dialogue via a Conversational User Interface (UI)

A chatbot needs an interface to interact with people. This Conversational User Interface (UI) talks or chats with the user. Subsequently, the underlying Natural Language Processing technology converts this speech into digital language.

Chatbots for your Enterprise Business

A virtual chatbot agent can help your business operations run smoothly. Are you curious about the possibilities of chatbots for your organization?

Why Choose us:

How we are Different

Our easy and transparent service enables you to start your chatbot journey effectively and delivers various benefits:

No Capital Investment

We eliminate the CAPEX associated with infrastructure, with no upfront investment in software and training.

Access to Capability

You will get instant access to the technical expertise required to implement intelligent automation.

Build a PoC Quickly

Clients can quickly view an initial Chatbot PoC and then build upon the features, based on their further specific business requirements.

Want to get started with Chatbots yourself?

We provide an implementation of chatbots. Or ask us for more information without obligation.

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