Customer service has moved beyond just a means to save costs and is a growth driver for businesses today.

Enterprises are pressured to deliver to customer expectations across varied channels. In this era where a brand’s reputation is vulnerable, thanks to the all-powerful social media, it becomes important to have a robust and dynamic customer support system. Successful companies have understood that and placed a high emphasis on effective customer service and support.

TRUGlobal takes a different approach to BPO relationships with our clients. We see our role as a long-term strategic partner, here to provide expert analysis and reengineering capabilities to improve your business processes.

As your BPO partner, we will conduct a thorough business process analysis to identify pain points, wasteful steps and bottlenecks in the workflow. We will look for areas to apply industry-proven automation technologies and labor-saving enterprise content management platforms to transform inefficient paperwork processes to digital workflows that improve process accuracy, quality and security.

Our Services Include:

Technical Support Services: Our tech support team offers a whole range of services including remote desktop management, application operation support, and network support along with level 0, level 1 and level 2 services.

Voice Support Services: Be it product information, customer complaints or status check, we handle it all for you.

Chat Support Services: Our services available in real-time anytime, anywhere.

Email Support Services: Email can do a lot of things. Our email support team is capable of handling all your incoming and outgoing mails. We offer smooth operations and offer a huge competitive advantage to enterprises.

Our Solutions include:




Managed IT Services

BPO Services

Monitoring & Helpdesk

IT Security Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Application Management Services(AMS)

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