Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides full-fledged digital workplaces for everyone in sales (sales managers, sales reps, customer success reps, presales specialists). Examples for Sales Cloud can transform a sales team’s daily work. 


Key Sales Cloud features, helping both sales managers and sales reps do their job with increased efficiency:

For Sales Managers

  • Sales Path: allows sales managers to define the sales process and makes it easily manageable. It shows what actions are expected from sales reps at each stage, helping sales managers get the expected behavior from their reps.
  • Lead conversion process: can be simplified by tailoring it to your business needs (for instance, with B2B and B2C business peculiarities in mind). It’s possible to set up the process of converting a lead into an opportunity, account and contact or just into an opportunity and account, and introduce automated workflows and validation criteria to make lead conversion process smooth and consistent.
  • ​Reports and dashboards: allow sales managers to track key sales figures along with sales reps’ performance. Highlighting sales reps’ strong and weak points along with factors influencing their productivity allows sales managers to improve their reps’ performance. Advanced sales forecasting paves the way for smarter sales decisions and helps to map out the sales strategy.
  • Products and Price Books: allow drawing up rules to pricing options for products and services, working with multiple currencies. Sales managers can approve large discounts to certain customer groups based on industry, geography, etc. The feature also allows changing prices while keeping the initial price for the proposals sent earlier. It helps to keep everything under control without exhausting manual efforts when price changes take place.
  • Process Builder: helps create an automated workflow, which empowers sales managers with additional opportunities for supervising their reps’ performance.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: provides sales managers with AI-powered analytical capabilities, allowing more accurate sales predictions available due to the advanced analysis of historical pipeline information, business trends and prior opportunity engagement.

For Sales Reps: 

  • Lead records: Tasks and Events Management. Reps can easier manage their activities (emails, calls, meetings and tasks) with an intelligent activity timeline, available in Lightning Experience UI. It gives reps a thorough overview of their activities related to a certain opportunity or account, available within one record, so reps don’t have to search for this info in different related lists anymore.
  • Social Accounts and Contacts: provide sales reps with the info on the contacts or accounts from different social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). As a result, sales reps can address their customers’ needs more efficiently.
  • Lightning Voice: Facilitates communication with prospects and customers, enables one-click calling and automated call logging. What’s more, it allows localizing sales reps’ phone numbers to their sales territories, which contributes to a higher response rate.
  • Process Builder: helps to automate lots of manual tasks, like following up on a lead or nurturing an opportunity due to email notifications and automated field updates, which helps sales reps execute their routine tasks faster and easier.
  • Sales Cloud Einstein: provides informational support for sales reps’ decisions. They get notified about key moments in their deals, the leads most likely to convert and opportunities they should pay more attention to. Hints on further steps of customer communication also help to turn interactions with clients into an all-round win.

Integrated with Other Applications

Salesforce customers integrate Sales Cloud with ERP, supply chain, HR, ecommerce and other software of thousands of vendors via API (application programming interface).

There are 2,000 apps on AppExchange that enable integration with other applications.

If you need specific and deeper integration, TRUGlobal will be happy to help and develop custom code for that.

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