Connecting Through Design for Meaningful User Experiences

Users in the globe are increasingly digitally connected and growing, this is the trend. Digital Experiences today define all engagements that customers have across various channels with an organization’s products, services or brand in both B2B and B2C industries. The customer is at the center of these experiences, and persons and customer journeys are driving purchase, adoption, consumption consequently impacting business decisions. Hence, it is not enough for organizations to just focus on creation of products and services.

Business must capture customer needs, behaviors in real-time to define and deliver great experiences across all touchpoints, and transform internally with digital applications to help, reach and serve customers. Digital Marketing provides the reach to engage, target and communicate the right messages through right channels to the intended audience segments and create brand recognition, customer interests, leads, faster sales and loyalty.

As enterprises embark on elevating the user experience, there are inherent challenges that emerge. However, enterprises need to embrace a comprehensive UX strategy that can simplify and enhance the customer journey. While doing so, they also need to overcome challenges of dynamic consumer behavior, infrastructural and resource constraints, lack of consumer insights, growing competitive landscape, and low user retention rates.

TRUGlobal offers digital experience services in bringing a successful digital product to life with an intensive portfolio of user research, product strategy, user interface, and user experience design, usability testing, prototyping, web design, and development. We adopt a data-driven approach to conceptualize, design and develop transformative user experiences across all channels and branding touchpoints. Our best-in-class digital labs equipped with the most talented UX consultants understand the complexities of consumer-centric design and have a proven track record of creating the most invigorating design experiences.

Design-led Digital Experience Transformation

TRUGlobal partners with organizations to help them create 360-degree digital transformations within their entire ecosystem. TRUGlobal’ Design led Digital Experience Transformation approach ensures that customer journeys and design are at the core while enabling large Enterprises, SMB’s startups to transform. To pace their transformation according to the business drivers and objectives, organizations can choose custom creation of digital interactive interfaces and products.

TRUGlobal provides wide-ranging digital capabilities covering

Digital, Business, Customer Experience and Product Strategy

Development & Architecture of Digital Interactive: Experience Design (UX), Mobile Apps, Portals, Chatbots etc.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Customer Experience (CX) Consulting & Platform Implementation

Comprehensive Managed Services to run the Digital Experience Ecosystem

User Experience Design Services

User Research & Strategy

  • Value Proposition Discovery & Validation
  • Digital Strategy Planning
  • Business/Product Idea Validation
  • Understanding user needs & behavior
  • User Interviews
  • Persona Creation
  • Usability Tests
  • Heuristic Evaluation

UX Design Services

  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design• Wireframe Design

Our careful steps for your customer enhanced experience include

  • Focus on the total customer experience
  • Each customer is unique and certainity of a tailored experience
  • Align customer experience strategy with corporate strategy
  • Gain top management’s support with rational
  • Program management 
  • Manage customer data as a corporate asset
  • Invest in your people (Customers & Employees) and educate to go-digital
  • Propose a continuous improvement strategy
  • Take advantage of existing best practices and frameworks 
  • Ultimately facelift the momentum

Digital Offerings

Digital Security

Digital Experience


Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation


Artificial intelligence

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