AI looks at cognitive science to equip itself with independent thinking and rationality.

New era’s intelligent systems that can see, listen, understand, and learn are ready to deliver real value to companies. Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences are enhancing human aptitude and capabilities promoting a unique culture of augmented intelligence.

TRUGlobal’s Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science team offers customers extraordinary opportunities to develop new disruptive digital services and become digital businesses. Businesses can utilize the AI laded cognitive services to transform complex data into superior, customized provisions. 

Our deep industry expertise combined with automation, advanced analytics, and cognitive and AI services help organizations operate with agility from the front office to the back office and grow exponentially.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a constellation of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence.

AI is a field of Data Science that trains computers to learn from experience, adjust to inputs, and perform tasks of certain cognitive levels. Over the last few years, AI has emerged as a significant data science function and, by utilizing advanced algorithms and computing power, AI is transforming the functional, operational, and strategic landscape of various business domains.

AI algorithms are designed to make decisions, often using real-time data. Using sensors, digital data, and even remote inputs, AI algorithms combine information from a variety of different sources, analyze the data instantly, and act on the insights derived from the data.

What is Cognitive Science?

Cognitive science is a system that learns at scale, reasons with purpose, and interacts with humans naturally. It’s a science that understands the human brain and how it works. Through self-teaching algorithms that use data mining, visual recognition, and natural language processing, the computer can solve problems and thereby optimize human processes.

TRUGlobal’s AI & Cognitive Science Services

TRUGlobal Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences services help enterprises leverage use cases related to pattern detection, text & data mining, and computer vision. It helps enterprises extract intelligence from high volumes of high-velocity data including structured, unstructured, and multi-structured data from diverse sources such as spreadsheets, documents, emails, PDFs, images, video files, audio files, social media, news, transactions, and other data types to discover actionable insights that are traceable.

This human data interface (HDI) uses various AI components including topic clustering, cognitive capture, sentiment capture, face detection, face match, face search, object classification, object detection, etc. It aggregates data and correlates seemingly unrelated data points to provide the bigger picture. It uses multiple data sources, data lakes, and databases to perform contextual analysis and sequence building. Our services are

Image Processing and Video Analytics

Retrieve relevant information from images and video content while reducing human effort and making day-to-day business operations faster, smarter, and better.

  • Face Detection
  • Person Tracking
  • OCR
  • Scene Understanding
  • Object Identification
  • Image Tagging

Natural Language Understanding

Create custom APIs that leverage the ability to analyze text to understand concepts, emotions, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment.

  • Conversational Interfaces/ Chatbots
  • Speech / Voice Recognition
  • Text Mining
  • Information Extraction
  • Question / Answering
  • Search & Retrieval

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Enterprise customers with immersive and informative experiences designed to make every interaction more personal and rewarding using AR and VR.   

  • Data Visualization in VR
  • Fashion / Retail
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive
  • Augmented Maps

How TRUGlobal is Different

Along with our proven methodology, we have several tools to help ensure your AI Cognitive Document Processing journey is as smooth as possible.

AI Supported Document Classification

Our process can identify a document type and the information needed to decide how the document should be processed further.

AI Supported Data Extraction

Our technology can easily identify relevant information in documents and provide information in a structured way.

Data Validation and Verification

Data validation quickly checks and, where possible, enhances the quality of classification/extraction with external data

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Digital Security

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Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation


Artificial Intelligence

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