Knowing exactly when the application breaks

Load testing is one of the multiple dimensions of performance testing as a whole to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as a benchmark where and when the issues arise. During load testing, a normal load, a heavy load, and a projected growth load are determined by using usage statistics. Starting with the lighter load, the number of concurrent users is incrementally increased until the system starts to respond more slowly. The increase is continued until the system stops responding at all, thereby discovering the failure threshold. This information is used to determine the load boundaries and locate the bottlenecks.

Load testing tools such as JMeter, LoadRunnerCloudtest, and Rational are commonly used and data is gathered during the test. This data is vital to help identify performance bottlenecks, point to infrastructure weaknesses, and help you to make plans for future scalability due to growth. Load testing can tell you exactly how many users or transactions your site can handle before response times increase.

Generally, this test will uncover buffer overflow issues, memory leaks, or load balance problems. Performance optimization can then be completed and hardware changes or additions can be made to increase the failure thresholds as needed.

Our methodology for Load Testing:

  • Determine the definition of normal and heavy loads for your application
  • Determine the potential growth of your business
  • Design tests to validate system performance for each defined load
  • Perform tests, log benchmarks, and gather vital data
  • Provide a report of testing results

In software load testing, a system is placed under a load using “virtual users”, which emulate the actions of real users. The load is very similar to a real load, so this method can accurately estimate the maximum performance. 

By controlling the load level during testing, our performance testers determine whether the system satisfies performance requirements, such as the number of operations per hour, response time, number of simultaneously active users, etc.

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