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Cloud computing

Implementing a dynamic infrastructure with flexible service provision and quick time-to-market has become a major necessity for any tech company. Cloud transformation addresses these key issues and helps organizations and industries provide quick responses across multiple domains for changing business requirements and overwhelming opportunities. Better, Faster, Anywhere, and Anytime! This is the need of the hour and with the huge increase in mobility aspects of every business in almost every industry, it becomes important to capitalize on these opportunities by overcoming all obstacles to innovation. Cloud solutions facilitate this major requirement of enhanced scalability with minimal or zero downtime which forms the backbone of any mobile organization. With the increasing demand for enhanced service capabilities to leverage agility, speed, and flexibility across business operations, Cloud Transformation enables Businesses to employ business processes in an operational structure that utilizes the accelerated pace of innovation in cloud computing and secures the window of opportunity effectively.

Cloud transformation provides a balance between integrating the future development needs of the business with the existing IT infrastructure amidst a highly demanding and challenging business environment. Right from the stage of inception of Cloud computing in the company to the complete transformation into a Cloud-enabled business, TRUGlobal provides the best solutions for your business. TRUGlobal Cloud Transformation Services provide expert assistance with the complete assessment of the transformative structure including building, operating, and running your cloud environment through a strategic partnership to devise the optimum strategy that best suits your IT and business infrastructure. The results are reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, and greater realization of the business benefits of cloud computing. TRUGlobal can help you transform your enterprise with the implementation of various cloud-based solutions like Oracle’s fusion applications and cloud-based platform offerings,, Workday, Netsuit, cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint applications, etc.

In what ways can Cloud drive a Business?

  • Enabling a mobile workforce globally
  • Drive cost benefits with improved efficiency through critical transformation
  • Data provision for getting insights about the business development
  • Integrating new product development/innovation
  • Shift from a localized model to a globally shared business architecture model
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Aligned business goals with customer needs

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized solutions as per your business needs
  • Technology-driven transformation to enable the best experience
  • Increased value of the delivery of your products and services
  • Ethically agreed upon best practices, tools, and techniques
  • Consistent solutions with full transparency and control over the operations.

Cloud-enabled Business transformation is essential to deliver greater value to customers by mutually optimizing business processes with cloud computing. From improving functional efficiency and reducing costs to achieving sustainable performance improvements, cloud transformation provides a strategic advantage to the organization in comparison to its competitors. TRUGlobal Cloud Transformation uses a holistic cloud transformation approach that goes beyond IT implementation and considers complete migration & adaptability of business processes including the overall managerial aspects of the organization within the cloud architecture.

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