Security Testing

Secure Business from data breach and unauthorized access.

Uncover potential vulnerabilities of running application by enabling security testing with every release.

As the cyber world is becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks, the security of enterprise, customer data and application availability are key concerns for enterprises. Any security breach can have wide-spread and far-reaching impacts including loss of customer trust and legal repercussions. To avoid this situation, businesses are seriously looking security testing as a mandatory testing for the application. 

It can be challenging to navigate the complex security landscape all alone. TRUGlobal can help companies get ready, detect, react, and recover along all points of the software development life cycle. Our Security testing experts will identify and protect your sensitive business data in the case of hacking attacks.

Our Services include:

Security testing of your application is our highest priority. Our end-to-end security testing services that cover all web, client-server, and mobile applications. Our wide range of software testing services under the cybersecurity testing portfolio that includes the following:

Penetration Testing: Fully evaluates a system’s security by simulating actions of a malicious user.

Cloud Security Testing: Our cloud security experts review cloud environments to ensure risks are identified as well as consult on upcoming cloud migration projects.

Security Compliance: Aims to ensure IT services, processes and systems comply with global mandatory standards and regulations.

Social Engineering Test: Helps to identify the level of social engineering threat awareness among company personnel.

Secure Code Review: A “white box” testing activity aimed at analyzing application source code and determining potential security weaknesses and flaws.

Security Consulting: Our cybersecurity specialists will help your company adapt, fill crucial gaps and win more business.

Our Execution Methodology Stages are:

Goals & Objectives:

Define goals and objectives of Vulnerability Analysis

Defining Scope: Three possible scopes exist – which includes:

  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Grey box testing

Information Gathering: Acquiring as much data about IT condition for example Networks, IP Address, Operating System Version, and so on. It’s relevant to all the three kinds of Scopes, for example, Black Box Testing, Gray Box Testing, and White Box Testing

Vulnerability Detection: In this procedure, vulnerability scanners are utilized, it will check the IT condition and will recognize the vulnerabilities

Information Analysis and Planning: Scanners will investigate the recognized vulnerabilities, to devise an arrangement for infiltrating into the system and frameworks.

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