TRUGlobal kicks-off it’s operations in Johannesburg

South Africa operations press release

TRUGlobal, a leading provider of information technology services, is excited to announce the opening of our new office in Johannesburg, South Africa. This expansion marks a strategic move for TRUGlobal to tap into the booming EMEA market and expand its reach to a diverse range of clients.

Ibrahim Shariff, CEO of TRUGlobal, expressed his excitement about the new office, stating, “We are now officially in South Africa! This expansion is a testament to TRUGlobal’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to our clients in the EMEA region. We are confident that this expansion will allow us to further solidify our position as a leading player in the information technology services industry.”

Anant Joshi, Practice Head of Intelligent Automation, added, “With our new office in Johannesburg, we will be able to offer our clients the same high-quality services and solutions that we have become known for, but with even greater accessibility and convenience.”

Rajkamal Pantam, Regional Head for Africa, emphasized the importance of TRUGlobal’s expansion into South Africa, stating, “This move is a reflection of our commitment to expanding our presence in Africa and providing world-class technology solutions to businesses in the region. We look forward to working with our clients in South Africa and helping them achieve their business objectives.”

TRUGlobal’s new office in Johannesburg will offer a range of services, including digital transformation, cloud migration, data analytics, and intelligent automation. We invite businesses in the region to join us in this exciting new venture and take advantage of the opportunities that our new office in Johannesburg has to offer!

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