Performance Testing

Performance Engineering Beyond Tools

Measure & revealing how a system responds or behaves at various conditions

Performance Testing’s are designed to simulate real-life load on any website or application. Measuring, validating and verifying the operational capabilities of an application eventually leads to an efficient performance of the system.

Performance Testing consists of series of tests that allow the tester to benchmark system response time, CPU usage, Memory usage, speed of APIs and other performance parameters under variety of generated/synthetic load conditions

Performance Testing is critical part of QA routine as it directly deals with the User’s expected experience with the application once there are certain number of concurrent users accessing the application. 

TRUGlobal has expertise in wide range of performance testing services, some of the testing include load testing, stress testing, spike testing, performance tuning. To ensure faster and error-free performance issues, we validate:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Interoperability

Our Services Include:

Load testing: We check system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time. We also detect system bottlenecks and determine which system element is causing them.

Stress testing: We identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load. Then we check whether it will perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.

Scalability testing: We measure the capability of a system to scale as more load is applied to it. We help to understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.

Stability testing: We check whether the system remains stable over an extended time span (including 24/7 operation). This helps evaluate the risk of downtime to plan maintenance activities.

Component performance testing

Endurance testing

Continuous performance testing

Volume testing

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