Digital Testing

Think digital, act agile – manage innovation

Digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape in virtually every industry

Our Digital Testing portfolio provides a full spectrum of software quality validation and testing services and our process works with you to assure you meet your business outcomes. The era of digital disruption has re-aligned the way systems and users interact with each other and have transformed the scope of testing to a more customer-oriented approach.

To do this we utilize our state-of-the-art Quality Engineering Delivery Centers, Digital Assurance Factories and Mobile Testing Centers of Excellence, both onshore, nearshore and offshore.

With our leading quality expertise, proven methodologies and accelerators, we assure increased customer value and measurable business outcomes from both your digital transformation programs and traditional core IT systems.

Our Digital Testing solutions include:

Thorough validation of user experience

A tool- & technology-agnostic framework

Testlets for effective and efficient testing

Cost-effective solution leveraging cloud

Cross-browser/platform frameworks

Responsive web design kit and reusable libraries

Testing of site integrity & end-user experience

Validation of security threats and vulnerabilities

In addition to innovation, digital transformations require accelerated speed to market. Our testers embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies, and manage the unpredictability that comes with testing within Agile and DevOps teams. Using AI tools, testers can increase test effectiveness, as the tool determines the areas of code where tests are most likely to fail and runs those specific tests.

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