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Build, deploy and assess data faster using the data lake environments

“Data Lake” platforms provides a prebuilt cloud service that hides the complexity of the underlying platform and infrastructure layers

A Data Lake is a raw storage used for storing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. A data lake is often used to collect raw data in the native format before datasets are used for analytics purposes.

“Data Lake” provides a prebuilt cloud service that hides the complexity of the underlying platform and infrastructure layers. The platform enables anyone in the organization/business to create his/her data lake without the requirement of installing or maintaining the technology themselves and can leverage the advantages of data analytics. Data Lake provides enterprise big data processing in the cloud for faster and efficient business outcomes in a cost-effective way.

Data Lake efficiently holds structured and unstructured data of any type. This data ranges from clickstream, social media feeds, audio/video, machine data, and logs, sensor data, CRM or ERP exports, RDBMS or NoSQL exports to just about anything else. Make your datasets available for any app or workload at any time and start discovering unprecedented business insights.

Data Warehouse Modernization:

Many organizations need modernization to the existing DWH solutions and TRUGlobal help in

Native HDFS Integration: Hadoop compatible applications (Spark, Kafka, Drill, Flink, NoSQL DBs) can access our data lake service through the binary HDFS protocol.

File-Level Replication: Replication is configured on a per-file basis. This allows to set the extent to which your most sensitive data is safeguarded against loss.

Enterprise-­Grade Security: Data Lake uses data in transit encryption and Kerberos­-based authentication to enforce data security.

Supports Files of Any Size: There are no restrictions

High Throughput: Data moves freely, and it quickly reaches mission-critical applications that need to process large volumes of data in an instant.

Various challenges in setting up data lakh includes:

  • Automated environment provisioning
  • Configuration management
  • Data security management
  • Data governance
  • Data encryption
  • Data generation based on different analytics requirements
  • Billing management as per environment usage by department per request

Our Data Lake Services provide the capabilities needed for:

  • Data schema and metadata information
  • Metadata governance and management
  • Data access authorization and authentication
  • Compliance-ready access auditing

Benefits of our Data Lake Services are:

  • Automated environment provisioning per request
  • Data security & governance
  • Full control over data
  • Cost management per request/environment
  • Multi-tenant data architecture
  • Integrate and expand current enterprise data warehouse (EDW)
  • Scale as per requirements
  • Self-service analytics and visualization platform
  • Isolation at the team level

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