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There are multiple challenges in the path of achieving data integration. TRUGlobal has a powerful Data Integration Optimization solution. We have serverless computing in data processing.

How Data Integration works  

Instead of having physical server to execute process, serverless is events-based. When a file is uploaded, and it requires the execution of a certain job to perform the intended function, serverless architecture comes into play. The trigger can vary from an HTTP request to API trigger or Files based trigger.

Various sources provide different definitions of serverless. The key tenets required to define a serverless platform are:

  • Provides abstraction of servers
  • Event-driven model and instant scaling
  • Micro-billing

It is not necessary to have an integration server to perform data integration jobs. In serverless data integration, a function is triggered for job execution via HTTP/SOAP request. However, all cloud services support a number of programming languages to write the function code, and the compatibility varies significantly.

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