The Company / Industry

The Business Problem

Our Client was faced with the problem to consolidate transaction data from their various OLTP Business systems and struggling to build integrations between their transactional systems which include their Customer Portal, Sales Systems, ERP, CRM, TAC and other Legacy Apps. As any organization continues to evolve, it is natural to have multiple packaged and Custom Apps on premise systems (like Oracle EBS, CRM) and multiple SaaS based offerings (like SalesForce & workday). Any cross functional reporting would be a bottleneck at this point as they run totally on heterogeneous platforms. Building a new integration has become a nightmare with respect to time and cost.

TRUGlobal Solution and Why

The TRUGlobal Consulting laid the foundation frame work to build Operational Data Store (ODS) to integrate data from multiple sources so that additional operations on the data can be performed in a unified way. ODS is not a replacement to traditional data warehousing, but it can act as a source. The data from ODS can be passed back to traditional OLTP systems or passed forward to an Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW). Foundation framework had

The Implementation

TRUGlobal Consulting led this project with their resources working from their Offshore center and at Onsite to build the foundation for data integration and replication on time.

How Did TRUGlobal Transform This Customer’s Business?

By building ODS with replications and Data ETL from various systems minimized the point-to-point integrations between systems. Reduced the load on OLTP systems, provided single point reporting platform. Resources working at offshore and onsite covering round the clock reduced both cost and time for the client.