Talent-to-Role Matching

Skilling and Reskilling

NLP for Content Processing and Extraction

Content-based Filtering vs Collaborating Filtering

Using the Right Matching Strategy

Challenges of Implementing AI in HR

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Get answers to questions like:

How AI is reshaping HR Function

Recruiting the right people

Implement AI to simplify candidate search, sift through CVs, manage applications, and identify profiles that best meet your selection criteria

Recruiting the right people

From acquiring business skills to customizing and personalizing career paths, use AI as an L&D tool to train, upskill, and reskill employees and optimize career management

Administrative and employee support

Focus on more complex HR assignments by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks with AI. Improve HR availability and employee experience

Predicting employee flight risk

Gauge employee sentiment, identify employees at risk of leaving your company, tackle the Great Resignation, and plan employee retention with AI

Faster employee onboarding

Use AI to reduce employee onboarding time, cost, and workload. Improve onboarding experience, create smart checklists, check documents, and interpret feedback

Smarter compensation planning

Besides performance, get more data points and analytical support to make sound compensation decisions and minimize the risk of bias in compensation planning