About us


We are… Committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, diversity, and strong business ethics.

Founded in 2004, TRUGlobal Inc. is a leading IT consulting & Services Organization headquartered in Dublin, CA. We serve clients from across Fortune 500 Companies to Startups at our delivery centers worldwide, including the U.S.A and India.

Our foundation stones are:


Challenge the status-quo


“Never say give-up” attitude


Zero tolerance for mediocrity


Make mistakes, acknowledge, and learn


Team work over individual heroics


Do the right thing

As a Technology poised company with on-site, onshore and offshore processing facilities, TRUGlobal helps improve efficiency and profitability in all business functions across all industries.

Our Value Proposition:

TRUGlobal’s values shape its culture, always encouraging to develop and deliver disruptive innovations, as well as define relationships with clients, employees and community as a whole. We solve client business challenges through industry knowledge and implementation thought leadership enabled by end to end solution architecture.


  • Trusted Partner to Clients
  • Align with Client Goals and Objectives
  • Enable Transformation with strong governance and change management

Thought Leadership:

  • Think ‘Out of the Box” to ensure emerging trends in Industry are addressed
  • Knowledge Excellence with End to End solution in Mind
  • Successful well architected and scalable solutions, based on Industry Best Practices

Reusable Assets and Solutions:

  • Accelerator assets to drive value
  • Core IP that drives high quality deployment
  • Strong Implementation methodology coupled with execution know-how

Reduced Cost:

  • Use Offshore Infrastructure wherever possible
  • Flat Organization structure
  • Maximum governance

Global Reach:

  • Be able support projects in Asia, Europe, South America and US
  • Be able to support 24×7

Our Vision

“Our VISION is to be a global leader in IT solutions and services with impetus on innovation, excellence, and implementation of ethical Business Strategies – with the ultimate aim of giving back to the society.”

Our Mission

“Our MISSION is to CREATE innovative products and DELIVER excellence in services with constant emphasis on engineering, process quality and customer satisfaction – We ADD value to your business.”

Our Quality Policy

“We DELIVER effective quality solutions and services to our clients – meeting project requirements and achieving continuous excellence in all our products and services – guided by our defined global standards in quality management.”

Why customers choose TRUGlobal?

We have demonstrated capability in delivering high quality products and services, timeliness in meeting deadlines and strong business ethics consistently in all our engagements. This solid track record has enabled us to establish long-standing relationships with clients and engage with them across multiple assignments. Here is why we believe clients choose us:

Customer First Approach:

We know the formula to success lies in our priorities. We always put the needs of the clients first by treating their environments as if they were our own. Next, we understand that the quality and performance of delivery of your objectives depends on our happy employees.

Strong Knowledge Base:

We are committed to the continual training and development of our consultants and technical resources. They are certified, seasoned professionals that understand past and current systems and trends

Customized Solution offering: 

We take the time to truly understand the details of your current architecture. We make the glove fit the hand, not the other way around

Trusted Partner by DNA:

We focus on building long-term partnerships for a deep understanding of business needs that allow us to capture all of the details. Solid guidance depends on full information, which only happens

High-Value Insights:

The road to successfully achieving goals in IT is littered with risks. Our insights help you make the most informed decision possible. Let us bring you peace of mind!

Robust Offering diversified:

As a full-service IT consultancy, our comprehensive range of services and capabilities fits companies of all sizes, from startups to multibillion-dollar enterprises