Next Gen Testing

Specialized Testing services for delivery excellence Traditionally software testing was the process of finding bugs/errors in an application. With the organizations moving towards complex application landscape, testing has evolved much more than just finding bugs/errors.  Next generation technology is at

Quality Assurance

Quality Advisory Services Quality Assurance & Testing is one of the strategic levers that helps enterprises achieve competitive business imperatives. As IT and business processes become integrated and tightly linked, organizations have realized the importance of testing, but are often

Emerging Tech QA

Quality Advisory Services TRUGlobal entered the foray in providing emerging Tech QA is an AI-led, analytics-driven approach to software and application quality for success in the digital world. AI-led cognitive automation solutions (Intelligent Automation) combine the best of automation approaches

Digital Assurance

Quality Digital Assurance Digital forces are driving organizations to reimagine business models, products and services, customer segments, channels, business processes, and workplaces. Assuring the digital landscape is no simple task. Demands of consumers call for a fundamental change in traditional

Quality Engineering

Quality Advisory Services With Growing software quality and release acceleration challenges, organizations are shifting their approach from ‘quality assurance’ to ‘quality engineering’, which ensures first-time right quality. This transformation can be achieved through smart application of artificial intelligence (AI), automation,